Preventative Building Maintenance Tips for This Summer

With the winter months behind us, the time to get your property ready for summer is now. Although you may have a long list of areas that need work, if you get started on the necessary repairs right away,your building can haveits shine back in timeforsummer. Follow along with this guide for property service tips that will help you get a jump onyourcommercial building maintenancein Indianapolis, IN.

Perform a walkthrough

A spring walkthrough will help you determine what projects need to betackledthis summer. The winter has undoubtedly takenits toll on your buildingoverthe past few months, so your first step will be toestablish just what needs to be done, both inside and out. Be on the lookout for all areas of improvement,both large and small, from the HVACequipmentand flooring to the door sweeps and lightbulbs.

Makea memorable first impression

If a customer is visiting your business for the first time, theoverall appearance your company presents will play a vital role in converting them into a repeat customer. When customersare walking up to your building,a clean exterior with well-marked signage and accessibility set the tone. As they walk inside, this welcoming experience should continue with clean and tidycarpeting, tiling or hardwood flooring. Avisitto your commercial spacethat flowsseamlesslyfrom the time patronsstep out of their carsuntil the time they leavewill help to create a lasting positive impression.

Summer is a great time for a remodel

There is no better way to drum up interest and subsequent business foryour company than with a building remodel and rebrand. For businesses that typically see fewer visitors during the summer months, now is a great time to make some of the larger changes you have been considering. If you operate an office building, you might upgrade the workspaces and waiting areas with lighting retrofits and new furniture to make them more inviting. Something as simple as adding a fresh layer of paint and changing the doors and hinges can make a building look and feel brandnew. You can also use the warm weather to your advantage, as youwill be able to open the doorsfor additional ventilation, and to expedite the paint drying process.

Here at Knauss Property Services, LLC, we understand how important it is to put your best foot forward, both on the inside and outside of your building. That’swhy our knowledgeable and experienced team is ready to help you this springby providing you with the comprehensive property service in Indianapolis, IN that your building needs. To get ready for the summer, your property may need preventative maintenance such aspower washingand waterproofing, or you may want to utilize the time to take on a larger project like masonry or stucco restoration. Give us a call to discuss your plansand schedule your appointment so we can get to work upgrading your property right away.