Dry Ice Blast Cleaning in Indianapolis

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Knauss Property Services dry ice blast cleaning is ideal for Industrial Cleaning Projects in Indianapolis and central Indiana.

Dry ice blasting cleaning (aka CO2 blasting) uses specialized equipment that mixes dry ice (solid carbon dioxide, CO2) pellets with compressed air generated from an external air compressor. The compressed air accelerates the pellets through a blast hose near supersonic speeds. As the solid carbon dioxide exits the blast nozzle and impacts the surface, the solid CO2 converts to a gas (sublimation) and the rapid gas expansion of CO2 facilitates the removal of the surface contamination.

Since the dry ice converts to a gas upon impact, there is no secondary waste generated during the dry ice blast cleaning process. This key feature distinguishes CO2 blasting from traditional media blasting and cleans the substrate with little or no abrasion (solid CO2 is relatively soft). Thus, dry ice blasting eliminates the need for abrasive media blasting techniques, harsh chemicals, flammable solvents, and labor intensive cleaning procedures. In addition, this process is non-conductive, nonflammable, and non-toxic.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Benefits

By implementing dry ice blasting into your cleaning and maintenance schedules, it is possible to reduce costs, improve safety, and extend equipment and property life.

Often, equipment is cleaned in place without tool disassembly/reassembly which saves labor and production down time. Also, waste disposal costs are minimized by eliminating secondary waste (used blast media, chemicals, solvents, used cleaning cloths, etc.).

This process is approved for industry use by the EPA, FDA, and USDA.

Equipment life is prolonged by minimizing/eliminating surface degradation caused by abrasive blast media.


There are numerous applications for CO2 blasting including: electrical equipment, facility equipment, manufacturing equipment, power generation equipment, real estate, and restoration projects. As requirements for cost savings and waste minimization increase, new applications are being discovered and implemented. For each project, KPS Services provides a thorough review and proposal for your specific cleaning challenge.


From cleaning to stripping applications,KPS Services uses the best equipment and methods to efficiently remove the contaminant from the surface. We also specialize in high pressure dry ice blasting.

This process is approved for industry use by the EPA, FDA, and USDA.

Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Applications

Contract Cleaning
Electric Motor
Fire Restoration
Food and Beverage
General Maintenance & Facilities
Historical Restoration
Medical Device Manufacturing
Mold Remediation
Power Generation
Engineered Wood

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