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Stucco EIFS

Stucco and EIFS Systems offer the optimal solutions for dramatically improving the appearance, performance and value of new and aging buildings. Is your EIFS or Stucco veneer in need of repair? These types of building materials are very popular because they can be cost effectively used to create intricate and attractive designs. However, they are very susceptible to damage.

Hail storms, tough winters and poorly executed repairs can cause major damage to these types of building veneers that can be hard to detect. When the base coat and foam protection has been compromised from impact damage, it leaves an open exposure in the veneer allowing water to infiltrate the wall cavity. Once this occurs, interior sheathing and building materials may become saturated and destroyed. In many cases, the cultivation of mold is found causing extreme cost to the building owner as well as significantly impacting tenant operations.

Knauss Property Services technicians are experienced in diagnosing and repairing all types of EIFS and Stucco substrates. Whether it’s a small isolated repair or an entire building, KPS has the expertise to restore your building.

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