Emergency Leak Repair in Indianapolis, IN

Leak Investigation & Repair

It is inevitable at some point you will need to locate and remedy a building leak. In Indianapolis and central Indiana Emergency Leak Solving & Repair is often much easier said than done, due to a variety of factors such as building design, non-access, weather patterns, lack of consistency when it happens.

KPS success in Emergency Leak Solving & Repair is three-fold:

  • Experience
  • Sound testing
  • Systematic Process

You can be assured that our assessment and recommendations are correct and represent the best approach for our clients.

All of our leak investigations and recommendations are documented with digital photographs and thorough step-by-step explanations of the repair process. Knauss Property Services has solved many difficult and complex water infiltration issues in the past and we are prepared and ready to assist you in the future.

Emergency Leak Solving & Repair

Wall Systems
Glass Systems

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