Mobile Sandblasting in Indianapolis, IN

Knauss Property Services performs Mobile Sandblasting services in Indianapolis and central Indiana. Mobile Sandblasting is an abrasive blasting (commonly known as sandblasting) surface preparation technique for paint, coatings and restoration. Abrasive blast equipment uses compressed air to en-train and accelerate the media through a blast hose. As the abrasive media exits the blast nozzle and impacts the target, it removes residue, rust and scale and etches the surface as the result of the high kinetic energy, hardness (Mohs hardness scale), and mesh size of the media.


Sandblasting is an efficient, effective and economical surface preparation tool and works on a range of materials including steel, stainless steel, copper, iron, titanium, bronze, metal, brass, aluminum, plastic, rubber and glass.


Abrasive blasting is commonly used for cleaning, rust removal, oxide removal, paint removal, paint stripping, scale removal and surface profiling. Metals are quickly profiled to accept primer, fillers, powder coatings, and paint.


Knauss Property Services can achieve white metal blast, near white blast, commercial blast, and brush off blast cleaning depending on your requirements. KPS conforms to NACE/SSPC specifications.

Mobile Sandblasting Services

Structural steel
Graffiti Removal
Process Equipment
Swimming Pools

Protective Coating Services

High Temp Paints
Zinc Primers

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