The Benefits of Sandblasting Before Surface Coating

If you’re preparing your commercial property for a surface coating, you may wonder whether it’s worth it to invest the extra time and money into mobile sandblasting in Indianapolis, IN. A sandblasting company in Indianapolis, IN can provide many benefits to your commercial building in addition to cleaning and evening the surface. In fact, abrasive blasting is almost essential for adequately preparing your building for surface coating. Read on to find out why!

The purpose of abrasive blasting

A sandblasting company in Indianapolis, IN has many tools at its disposal to provide abrasive blasting. The purpose of sandblasting is to strip imperfections, paint, rust and contaminants from a surface before surface coating takes place. It’s an important part of preparing the surface because it cleans it and smooths it out so it holds the protective coating better and more evenly. You can use abrasive blasting in place of other cleaning methods that require more effort, such as wire brushing. This speeds up the preparation process by up to 75 percent!

There are many types of blasting methods that mobile sandblasting in Indianapolis, IN can employ. These include bead blasting, wheel blasting, hydro blasting, wet abrasive blasting, dry ice blasting, micro-abrasive blasting, bristle blasting and automated blasting. All of these methods have the same goal of cleaning and preparing the surface for even coating, with slight differentiations in technique. There are also several different materials that can be used with each method, including white aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide grit, glass beads, crushed glass grit, acrylic, corncob grit, pumice, walnut shells, silicon carbide grit and steel grit. Talk to your sandblasting company in Indianapolis, IN to learn about the pros and cons of each method and material and to determine which is the best choice for your commercial property.

Benefits of sandblasting

There are many benefits to using abrasive blasting as a way to prepare a surface for coating. It’s more time-efficient than other forms of cleaning and preparation. It’s also far less labor-intensive than hand scrubbing a surface with a wire brush. Plus, it cleans the surface more thoroughly and faster than other techniques. It’s also better at removing rust than any other method.

To enjoy the best results, it’s best to keep temperatures and humidity at low levels. Sandblasting companies in Indianapolis, IN use climate control solutions to remove excess moisture. This ensures that the protective coating dries evenly. Temperature control is especially important when preparing metal surfaces, which are more susceptible to oxidation.

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