Can Graffiti Be Removed from My Indianapolis Building?

It can happen to anyone—you arrive to your home or business and make the frustrating discovery that someone has vandalized your property in the form of graffiti. Sometimes appearing in a form as innocuous as chalk, but more frequently making use of spray paint, graffiti can be a huge pain for a home or business owner. Fortunately, you have options by which you can address this type of challenge.

Professional graffiti removal services in Indianapolis, IN are an increasingly popular way for property owners to deal with this nuisance. We’ve outlined some brief tips below that have come from our own hard-won experience as contractors to help you understand your graffiti removal options.

How is graffiti applied?

Many people are surprised to know that graffiti can take many forms and use many different mediums of application. Most of us probably picture the traditional spray-painted approach, but our team at Knauss Property Services, LLC knows that the options are virtually limitless. We’ve seen graffiti artists use things like adhesives, etchings, shoe polish, lipstick and stencils—basically, if they can draw with it (and it’s difficult to remove), then vandals will attempt to use it on surfaces. Graffiti removal services in Indianapolis, IN have evolved to meet these changing needs and know how to address these complex and tricky types of vandalism.

Why is graffiti hard to remove?

There are a number of DIY products out there that property owners can choose to use if they want to take a crack at removing graffiti themselves. Many of them find that they can actually achieve success using these means. However, it is also a tricky proposition. It is possible to damage the underlying surface, to not completely remove the markings or to leave faint outlines that are almost as unsightly as the graffiti itself.

If you want to make sure that it’s done right, you should hire a graffiti removal service in Indianapolis, IN. They are the ones with the expertise to completely remove any type of marking from any type of wall, which takes years of skill and experience.

When to hire a professional

Only professional graffiti removal services have the correct amount of experience to know for sure that they’re doing the job right. They need to identify the variety of paints correctly and what your surface is composed of, which can have a significant impact on the job. What works best on brick does not work as well on concrete (and vice versa), so you want to have professionals on your side to make sure they’re doing the job right and not also causing damage, which can be possible using DIY methods.

It can be tempting as a property owner to try and save money using your own materials and labor to address damage and vandalism to your buildings and grounds. However, graffiti removal is one area where you might be better off leaving it up to the pros. They are the ones who know what needs to be done and with what materials to ensure that your property is undamaged and looking better than ever.

If you could benefit from graffiti removal services in Indianapolis, IN, reach out to Knauss Property Services, LLC today.