Can Industrial Coatings Be Eco-Friendly?

In the current climate, more people and companies than ever are taking steps to help preserve the environment. Consumers have demanded more eco-friendly solutions from companies they buy from, and manufacturers have done their part in reducing their carbon footprint.

But some sectors like industrial and commercial painting in Indianapolis, IN have found it challenging to adequately perform their functions while keeping operating costs reasonable. But with necessity being the mother of invention, there have been some industrial coatings brought to market that are not only environmentally conscious, but effective as well. The environment is too important to neglect it.

Why it’s important

The reason the question is being asked about industrial coatings and their effect on the environment is because industrial waste from coatings has become an ecological problem. The main culprits are volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are present in most industrial coatings. These are gases, solids or liquids emanating from manmade chemicals, including the industrial coatings used in all sorts of projects.

The prevalence and ubiquity of these VOCs have the potential to do serious harm to the surrounding environment, including animals and people, if proper safety protocols aren’t followed. Compounding the problem is the fact that VOCs are also known to damage the ozone layer. Numerous regulations have been passed to try and mitigate the damage VOCs can do to the environment, but many companies have still found themselves using older, less environmentally-friendly coatings for bottom-line reasons. Luckily, there are eco-friendly solutions to this dilemma.

Powder-based coatings

Developed more than 70 years ago, powder-based coatings are the eco-friendly solution when it comes to industrial and commercial painting in Indianapolis, IN. Here’s how it works: the coating is applied in powder form, and is then heated or cured with ultraviolet light. Powder-based coatings not only emit little to no VOCs, but they are also more durable and last longer than traditional industrial coatings. Other benefits to using powder-based coatings are that they produce less hazardous waste and can be applied with efficiency.


An alternative to powder-based coatings and at times used for slightly different purposes, e-coating is another eco-friendly industrial coating solution. It’s a process that involves submerging a material in a tub of epoxy, paint or waterborne solution, then using an electric current to attract the various desired particles in the liquid solution to the immersed material in the tub. The thickness of the liquid coating can be adjusted by altering the amount of electricity being sent through the bath of liquid. When done, the coated material is heated in an oven to encourage the particles to connect with each other.

This industrial coating method has the benefit of producing almost no waste, using no harmful solvents and releasing next to no VOCs, making it an ecologically-sound choice.

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So, there you have it: there is definitely a way in which industrial coatings can be eco-friendly, whether it’s using powder-based coatings or e-coatings. If you require industrial and commercial painting services in Indianapolis, IN, give the team at Knauss Property Services, LLC a call. We not only care about you and your commercial buildings, but we also care about the environment. Get in touch to learn more about our processes!