How Can a Sandblaster Help You? Tips from a Sandblasting Service in Indianapolis, IN About Prepping for New Paint

Regardless of what it was, anyone who’s ever painted anything knows that you can’t just apply a new coat of paint to an un-prepped surface. Everything you paint needs to be sanded and smoothed down to ensure the paint will look great. Smaller projects can be sanded and prepped by hand or with a belt sander. However, large projects need the help of a sandblasting service in Indianapolis, IN to properly get an area ready for a fresh coat:

  • Sandblasters get old paint off: Slapping a new coat of paint on top of the old coat is a sure-fire way to end up with a shoddy-looking surface. One must totally strip the old paint from a wall, floor or piece of machinery to properly prepare for new paint. The quickest way to do that is by using a sandblaster. A sandblaster will strip that old paint off quickly and easily. If you’re unsure of how to use a sandblaster, give us a call! As industry professionals, you can sit back, relax and trust us to do the job properly.
  • Sandblasters remove rust: Fresh paint is key to helping prevent rust accumulation. This is especially important on pieces of large machinery that won’t function properly if they’re rusty. Putting paint on top of a rusty area won’t immediately remedy the problem, though. You’ll need to hire a sandblasting service in Indianapolis, IN to come to your business or home to get that rust off before applying new paint.
  • Sandblasters smooth areas: As mentioned above, paint won’t look good if it’s applied to an area that’s rough. A sandblasting service in Indianapolis, IN will smooth that area very quickly and get the surface ready to look its best once it’s repainted.
  • Sandblasters are good for home use: While it may seem like sandblasting is only useful in large facilities, that’s simply not true! Before you’re repainting something, sandblasting can help remove rust and paint from small tools, cars, outdoor furniture and other things you’ll find around the house. Hire us to work on anything and everything at your home.
  • Sandblasters are good for cleaning: Even if you aren’t planning on repainting a surface or object, a sandblaster can still be useful. You’ll literally blast through any kind of dirt or grime that’s accumulated on an area. Folks are always amazed at how quickly our professionals can clean an area or tool that’s been dirty for years.
  • Sandblasting is safe for your things: The best part about sandblasting is that, if it’s done properly, it won’t harm the material you’re cleaning or getting ready to paint. However, if it’s done improperly, the powerful tool can end up doing some serious damage. Our highly trained staff will remove everything you don’t want, while still keeping your things safe.

While they are great tools, sandblasters can be very dangerous. Someone who lacks the proper training and protective gear can end up seriously injuring themselves or others. If you need help prepping an area for new paint, give Knauss Property Services a call! Every professional on our staff is highly trained with sandblasters, and we guarantee a safe process for everyone involved.