Can You Repair Stucco in Cold Weather?

Although stucco is most commonly found in the Southwest and warmer climates, it’s not uncommon to see stucco and EIFS systems in Indianapolis, IN. As long as the stucco is properly applied and maintained, it can last for just as long as other siding materials in cold climates.

Damaged stucco should be repaired right away to avoid further damaging the siding and the sublayers. But can a contractor make the necessary repairs in the winter? The answer is yes—we just need to be careful about how we go about making the repairs. This post will teach you everything there is to know about stucco repairs this season.

The 40-degree rule

It’s important to note that stucco repair can’t be performed in all weather conditions. The air temperature must be at least 40 degrees for contractors to work with stucco. When the temperature is below 40 degrees, the chemical process between the cement and water mix will slow down, and the water can begin to freeze.

Be sure to hire a responsible and knowledgeable contractor who won’t work when the conditions are less than ideal.

What about frozen stucco?

It could be above 40 degrees during the day but drop down to below freezing at nighttime. The good news is that this is not necessarily the end of the world for stucco contractors. If the recently-applied stucco does freeze overnight, your contractor can remove the frozen stucco and salvage it. The professional can remove the damaged stucco, re-hydrate it and then reapply it. This formerly-frozen stucco shouldn’t have any long-term defects or look any different than normal.

Using supplemental heat

If stucco repair needs to be performed right away and there are no 40-degree days in the forecast, your contractor can use tarps and a heating device to keep the area warm. Heaters called “salamanders” can be placed at an angle along the base of the wall and warm the wall to allow stucco work to be completed.

It’s important to note that salamanders use up a lot of expensive fuel, so contractors try to avoid using them for stucco or EIFS in Indianapolis, IN if possible.

Rules for contractors to follow

In addition to only working on above-40-degree days, stucco contractors should abide by a few rules to ensure customer satisfaction:

  • Set expectations: When speaking with a potential client about winter stucco work, it’s important to let them know about the 40-degree rule. Be clear about the fact that the project may take longer than usual due to the cold temperatures.
  • Factor in additional costs: A contractor’s quote for winter work should account for the possibility of using salamanders to heat the wall. As we touched on, salamanders are expensive to use, so you don’t want to disappoint the customer with a higher-than-expected final bill.

Inspect your stucco and call us today

Take some time to walk around your building and look for flaws in your stucco or EIFS in Indianapolis, IN. If you notice any damage—or if it’s been a while since your stucco has been inspected by a pro—call our team at Knauss Property Services, LLC. We’ll send someone out on the next 40-degree day to make any necessary repairs!