Caulking in Indianapolis, IN Can Reduce Your Energy Costs

While it may be tempting to make caulking repairs the moment you see a gap or hole in your property, you need to consider whether now is the right time for caulking in Indianapolis, IN. Certain conditions can contribute to the effectiveness of caulking, and of course you want the best results possible from your caulking job. By having caulking repairs completed at your business, you can also reduce your energy costs in the process, making it a very financially savvy investment.

When is the right time to caulk?

For all caulking in Indianapolis, IN, you will be at the mercy of the weather. Not only will it have to be dry outside before you can have the caulk applied, you will need to have the optimum temperature for the most effective results. Wait to caulk those unsightly cracks and gaps until the weather is at 25 degrees or warmer. This will ensure the caulk does its job and seals the areas you are caulking tightly. Applying caulk under colder temperatures can cause it to break down and not adhere properly. You want to avoid this at all costs, as it will be ineffective and have to be done again correctly, costing you time, money and supplies.

You will also want to work in situations where there is low humidity. A humid day can fill your cracks with moisture and cause them to swell in the process. This can affect the performance of the caulk you are using and make a mess when you are done. Choose a more moderate day so the caulk sets properly and will most effectively stick to the surface to which you are applying it.

How can caulking save you money?

Now that you know the best time to apply caulk, it’s good to know what it can do for you. Because you are filling all the holes, gaps and cracks around your property, you will be able to prevent drafts from getting in and out. This will give you a tighter seal inside your business and help to save on your energy bill in the process. This will prevent your heating and cooling from escaping out these openings and help to maintain the temperature in your business.

It has been estimated that you can cut your business’ energy bill by as much as 10 percent through proper caulking in Indianapolis, IN. The majority of your energy costs is based on the amount of heating or cooling you lose because air can escape out these openings. Sealing them shut will give you better temperature control of your business and allow you to run your HVAC system less often.

By applying caulking in Indianapolis, IN at your business, you could see significant savings on your energy bill. Just remember to apply it in the best conditions possible for the best results and performance. To have caulking applied at your business, contact Knauss Property Services. We are experienced in caulk application, as well as in the waterproofing and sealing of commercial properties. Call today for a quote!

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