Critical Spring Preparations for Your Home

Spring cleaning isn’t just for home interiors. This time of year is perfect for reviewing your commercial property and making necessary preparations for the season. With just a few steps, you can prevent damage and keep your commercial property looking sharp. Use the following tips from your local experts in commercial painting in Indianapolis, IN to properly prep for spring:

  • Snow inspection: Perform a thorough inspection of your commercial property. How well did it fare through the winter? Look for any damage from snow, ice or hail that occurred over the past year. Be sure to carefully inspect the roof, siding and foundation. If you notice any issues, have them repaired right away. Ignoring any minor damage will allow it to quickly turn into major damage. Save money and hassle by repairing winter damage as soon as possible.
  • Prune: Review your landscaping. When was the last time you trimmed trees and bushes? When branches crowd your building, they can cause damage to paint, windows and gutters. They also invite pests to jump from limbs to your building. Prepare for the spring season and all its blooms and bugs by properly trimming all landscaping.
  • Routine maintenance: Spring is a good benchmark to remind yourself about the regular maintenance items that should be completed on your commercial building. Check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace burned-out light bulbs. Have your HVAC system serviced by a professional. Evaluate emergency plans and schedule emergency and evacuation drills if needed. By completing these annual or semi-annual procedures, you will go into the season fully prepared for whatever comes next.
  • Interior inspection: As with the exterior of your building, you should thoroughly inspect the interior space. Look for any signs of mold or mildew. These can cause structural damage and health hazards. Watch for any indications of electrical issues, such as frayed wiring or loose connections. Peeling paint and worn flooring are also signs your building needs attention. Take the proper steps to maintain a safe and inviting environment for employees and customers.
  • New look: In addition to repairs, consider whether it is time to update or upgrade anything in your building. Is the paint job looking tired? Is your technology up to date? Are the mechanical systems functioning efficiently? Review all the major components of your commercial property and determine if you need to budget for anything new this season.
  • Gutter cleaning: Spring typically means rain. Are your gutters ready? Ensure these are well-cleaned and prepped for the season. In addition to clearing the gutters of all debris, check them for wear and tear. If your gutters don’t function properly, your building can suffer serious damage. Invest the time and money to ensure your gutters offer optimal performance and will last the entire year.

If you encounter any issues during your spring preparations, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Knauss Property Services. Our experts can assist you with a variety of commercial projects, ranging from waterproofing and exterior building cleaning to commercial painting in Indianapolis, IN. Contact us today to keep your property looking sharp this season.