Detect Leaks in Your Roof and Invest in Waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN

Flat roofs are the standard roofing type for most industrial and commercial buildings. They are relatively inexpensive to install, easy to access and can be utilized in a variety of ways for storing HVAC units, housing solar panels or even growing a garden. While there are many appealing advantages to choosing flat roofing, it comes with some drawbacks as well. The fact that flat roofs don’t have any notable pitch makes them inefficient at shedding water and precipitation, which means they are highly susceptible to water damage.

While the issues with flat roofs can be caused by a number of factors, like improper installation or a failure to keep up with regular maintenance, nearly half of all flat roofs are found to have some sort of issue in the first year of installation. Knowing how to spot leaks in your flat roof is important, since water damage can quickly reduce the health of your building’s structure and lead to major problems down the road. Once you’ve identified the source of a leak, it’s time to spring for waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN.

How to spot a leak

On hot days, the sun warms up the surface of your roof, and any areas that contain excessive moisture will warm up at a slower rate than the rest of the roof. Water absorbs heat at a slower rate than other materials, so it takes longer for it to be warmed up by the sun. In addition, water loses heat at a slower pace, which means that the moisture trapped in your roof will still be releasing heat at night once the rest of the roof has cooled off. When you are looking for a leak, what you are really going to try and detect is a hot spot in your roof caused by trapped moisture. Take the following steps to find the source of a leak:

  • Wait for the right time: When you begin to search for leaks, timing is essential. Ideally, you should wait for at least a couple of days without precipitation before you check for leaks. The best time to look for leaks is at night, a couple hours after sunset.
  • Look for visual signs of hot spots: If you use some form of flashlight, you should be able to see pretty quickly the distinction between a dry spot and a spot that has trapped in moisture. If you are having trouble spotting hot spots with your naked eye, you can always utilize an infrared camera that will be able to clearly display the warmer areas where moisture is trapped.
  • Mark the area: Using spray paint or some other type of indicator, you can mark off the areas that you have determined to be hot spots or the locations of leaks. This will make it clear to a roofing contractor where the leaks are located.

Seek quality waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN

Leaks can take a toll on the health of your building and have serious implications that can lead to costly repairs. Stop leaks in their tracks with waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN from Knauss Property Services. We specialize in the restoration of commercial and industrial buildings and we can lend our services to you, no matter what your specific needs may be. Call 317-590-8750 to speak with the experienced team at Knauss Property Services today and schedule an appointment!