Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Offers Benefits for Automotive, Building Washing in Indianapolis, IN and More

Everything from specialized industrial equipment to equipment used in the food and beverage industry needs to be cleaned to avoid problems like worker injury, machine failure and food contamination. And we’re not just talking about wiping down dirty surfaces by hand at the end of every shift. We mean a thorough cleaning method, one that can blast away grime and debris in a non-abrasive manner.

With this in mind, let’s take a quick look at dry ice blast cleaning and the benefits it offers for a variety of applications in industries including automotive, food, historical restoration and building washing in Indianapolis, IN.

Dry ice blast cleaning is a safe way to clean many types of surfaces that uses a specialized cleaning tool. Compressed air pushes dry ice pellets out of the nozzle, which is designed to make contact with surfaces at fast speeds to remove any contamination. Please contact Knauss Property Services to learn more about the following benefits:

  • Less time lost: A typical cleaning method can mean dismantling equipment, not to mention having to move it to a designated cleaning area. Nobody wants to wait days for equipment to complete the cleaning process, especially when the piece of equipment getting cleaned is only one of a few machines you own. Choose dry ice blasting and cleaning can be done right where equipment stands! No more time consuming steps, like disassembly, cool down and reassembly. In fact, dry ice blasting is known to significantly
    shorten the time needed for cleaning from days down to hours.
  • Fast and thorough: Although you can clean many pieces of smaller equipment and tools by hand using brushes, abrasive wipes and wire pads, doing this for large equipment or appliances can prove incredibly time consuming and tiring. To save time and sore arms, look into dry ice blasting, which is not only a fast cleaning method, but also one that can get into hard-to-reach places in a snap. This also lets the cleaning technician see if there are any leaks or major problems.
  • No damage to equipment: Industrial grade equipment is not cheap. Utilizing dry ice blasting can ensure that it’s out of harm’s way during scheduled cleanings, as it leaves surfaces physically unchanged—it only blasts away contaminants. Additionally, this cleaning method allows the equipment to stay put, so there’s no chance of damage because the need to move equipment is eliminated
  • Safety: Compared to other cleaning methods like sandblasting, dry ice blast cleaning is one of the safest ways to remove contaminants from equipment surfaces. The dry ice pellets are non-toxic and non-hazardous to the cleaning tech, facility employees and products on the work floor; it’s also non-abrasive during the application process. Better still, there is no secondary waste created or left behind, and it does not put the environment in danger.

To speak to an expert about the benefits of dry ice blast cleaning for automotive shops, building washing in Indianapolis, IN and other applications, don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable team at Knauss Property Services!