Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing Is the Newest Rage—But Why?

Have you tried pressure washing your buildings, driveways, sidewalks and other large objects or spaces? If not, you’re missing out on an efficient and environmentally friendly way to keep your property looking great. Pressure washing is the easiest way to clean large surfaces in Indianapolis, IN. Here’s why you should give it a shot.

Pressure washing is environmentally friendly

Some folks are under the impression that pressure washing is bad for the environment—they believe it uses a lot of water or chemicals. On the contrary, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly ways to keep your property clean. Here’s why:

  • Gets the job done quickly: Imagine how long it would take if you used a hose and a brush to scrub down the sides of your building—it would take hours, if not days. By the time you’re finished, you’ll probably wish your arms had fallen off and saved you the trouble. Pressure washing gets the job done a lot faster: in less than a day, your home, driveway, parking lots or sidewalks can look brand new.
  • Uses less water than other methods: Because pressure washers use pressurized water to clean, they actually use less water than other cleaning methods—especially compared to using a hose. Pressure washers rely on high pressure to do most of the dirty work, which means it needs about 70 percent less water than if you were rinsing with a hose.
  • Cheaper than replacing objects: Sometimes fences, driveways and siding look like they’re beyond repair. Building owners might assume that they need to go ahead and replace them, which depletes natural resources and contributes to waste. Pressure washing can work miracles: decades of dirt and grime disappear in moments. It’s cheaper—and better for the environment—than replacing everything.
  • Uses few, if any chemicals: The magic is in the water pressure, not the chemicals. Some pressure washers allow users to add soap for particularly dirty jobs. However, the pressurized water does most of the work for you, so you rely on few, if any chemicals.
  • Protects the local watersheds: If your municipality has strict rules about wastewater, working with a pressure washing company can take the uncertainty out of the process. Pressure washing companies are happy to file all the necessary permits—plus, if you work with a really great company, they may even try to reclaim the wastewater for treatment. Do your research carefully to make sure you go with an environmentally conscious company.
  • Can help your health: Pressure washing is good for your health, too. It easily removes mold and other fungi, which can be harmful if inhaled. Plus, when you use hot water, it can kill other bacteria and pathogens.

As you can see, pressure washing is an Earth-friendly way to keep your properties looking great in Indianapolis, IN. If you’re interested in working with an environmentally friendly pressure washing company, call Knauss Property Services, LLC today. We can keep your commercial and industrial buildings and their surroundings looking their best.