Five Benefits of Caulking and Waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN

As a property owner, you want your building to last for a long time. You may even want to have the best looking building on the block. And down the road, you may even want to be able to resell the building for more than you originally paid for it. The only way to ensure everything goes according to plan is by hiring Knauss Property Services for caulking and waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN. Waterproofing is a frequently neglected maintenance project that can really pay off both in the short term and down the road. Here’s how:

  • Waterproofing prolongs lifespan: Over time, water and other outside elements have a tendency to get inside buildings. Water and dirt from outside can get into the ceilings, walls or under the floor and wreak havoc. Rust, corrosion, rotting and other damage caused by rainwater can be devastating and can cost thousands of dollars to repair. The best way to prevent that from happening is by waterproofing and caulking the interior and exterior of your structure. Schedule an appointment, and let our professionals show you where your building is most at risk for damage. We’ll quickly waterproof the high-risk areas so you can rest easy knowing your building is safe and will enjoy a long and healthy life!
  • Waterproofing prevents mold growth: Before your structure starts to show signs of rust or corrosion, there will probably be mold. That’s bad news! Mold is a huge cause for concern for a number of reasons. First, certain types of mold spores are potentially very dangerous to humans—particularly to those who have allergies. Second, mold can really compromise a building’s structural integrity. Finally, mold is expensive to remove. Don’t take the chance of having a mold problem—call us for caulking and waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN today!
  • Waterproofing retains and even boosts property value: Chances are, the property your building sits on is only going to get more valuable as time goes on. It’s the structure’s value that you have to worry about. Letting problems like mold growth and rust go unnoticed for too long will absolutely destroy its resale value down the road. Make sure that’s a non-issue by having your building professionally waterproofed and caulked by our trusty team. Calling us to re-waterproof your building every couple of years will greatly increase its resale value. Buyers are always looking for a building that has an edge, and new waterproofing is sure to give your property that advantage.
  • Waterproofing reduces maintenance costs: If you’ve properly waterproofed and caulked your building, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to call a maintenance technician to constantly make repairs to damage caused by rainwater and other outside elements.
  • Waterproofing keeps everyone inside happy: Your employees want to be happy while they’re at work. Although you might not be able to make their actual jobs more enjoyable, you can at least ensure that they’re comfortable while they’re on the clock. Waterproof your building to ensure everyone is dry and comfortable throughout the day.

We use a variety of different sealants and techniques to meet your needs and your budget! Call 317-590-8750 to speak with the experienced team at Knauss Property Services today and schedule an appointment!

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