Five Benefits of Choosing Stucco

Once considered primarily a southwestern aesthetic, you now see stucco everywhere, even in the cold north. Stucco and EIFS systems in Indianapolis, IN are chosen based on their attractiveness, durability and uniform appearance. If you’re looking at choosing a new veneer or repairing an older one, you can’t really go wrong with stucco. Here are five benefits of stucco and EIFS systems:

  • Low price: If you want an attractive veneer for a budget price, stucco is an excellent choice. It’s inexpensive to install, and it doesn’t require excessive maintenance. You will pay less to acquire it, but never make up the difference in maintenance costs. Installation takes less time than other surfaces, which also reduces its price. That’s why it has become so popular with retail storefronts, commercial buildings and homes all over the country.
  • Quick installation: When you’re maintaining a commercial building with frequent foot traffic, you want that “pardon our mess” period to be as short as possible. Construction may not kill your business, but if it lasts a while, your customer base definitely decreases. Since stucco and EIFS systems install quicker than other materials, your clientele will not have to endure the inconvenience of construction for long. Merely set up some signs for guidance, and soon your customers will see the results of your building’s makeover.
  • Durability: Stucco is built to last. Made from a mixture of lime, water and sand, stucco can easily last up to 50 years with nothing more than an occasional cleaning. It will never require repainting, reinstallation or replacement. Make peace with a power washer, as that is all you need to keep it clean. Best of all, the properties of stucco allow it to stand up to a variety of climate conditions, and it even boasts of being resistant to fungus and fire.
  • Easy to customize: Whatever you imagine is possible with stucco. That’s why it’s used everywhere, including homes, shops, commercial buildings and even manufacturing sites. You can choose a smooth modern look, but coarse, pebbled and raked surfaces are available too. Stucco also holds a variety of colors, so you can adopt any design you desire. When you set up a consultation to switch to a stucco veneer, be prepared for a vast quantity of options and the opportunity to be as unique as you desire.
  • Infinitely repairable: While it is rare for stucco to sustain damage, it can still happen with the right violent hailstorm or high wind. These events can compromise the base coat and foam protection. Fortunately, when you hire a stucco specialist, any damage that arises can be repaired before water infiltrates the wall cavity and grows mold. If you suspect your stucco was damaged by weather conditions or other events, contact a skilled contractor soon to assess it.

Knauss Property Services, LLC is a specialist in stucco and EIFS systems in Indianapolis, IN. Contact us today if your stucco or EIFS veneer requires repair or you wish to install a new surface. We look forward to working with you soon!