Four Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Commercial Painting in Indianapolis, IN

Commercial buildings tend to take a pretty tough beating. Your building is constantly exposed to everything from the sun to the wear and tear associated with regular usage. That is why commercial painting is so important. It takes a professional with expert knowledge of paint and techniques to ensure your building will look great for years to come following a commercial painting.

While you may not have to do any of the physical work, you are still tasked with making some serious decisions when it comes to painting your commercial building. Weighing each of your options carefully before making an informed decision will help the project run smoothly and efficiently. Here are four key things to keep in mind when considering commercial painting in Indianapolis, IN:

  • Color scheme: A new paint job can go a long way when it comes to improving the appearance of your commercial building, but an unattractive color scheme could inadvertently scare away customers. You need a color scheme that meshes well with your company colors and surrounding buildings, while also abiding by any relevant local regulations. Once you have an idea, work with your commercial painter to identify the best color scheme specifically for your business.
  • Building size: Don’t let your building be the eyesore of the strip mall! A bold paint job might help your business stand out, but it can be overpowering on a large building or if it is part of a complex. Neutral colors are generally the best options, as they will not clash with your own signage or your neighbors building.
  • Weather conditions: The harsh rays of the sun, frequent rain and snowy winters can all affect the paint on your building. Luckily, a great paint choice can minimize the visibility of the elements. A light, neutral colored paint tends to show less damage. Additionally, a protective coating can reduce the likelihood of damage. Your commercial painter can work with you to find the best coating for your building’s specific needs.
  • Quality: As a business owner, you understand quality is important. That’s why it is crucial that you invest in high quality commercial painting. While anyone might claim they can paint your commercial building for a price, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll look good. Low quality work will not be able to stand up to sunlight, moisture and heat. You will likely end up spending more money in the long run due to increased cracking or the need for additional touchups. Instead, invest in a high quality commercial painting company that will leave you with a freshly painted building you’ll be proud to show off.

Your time is important, so why not cross one item off of your busy to-do list by hiring the professionals at Knauss Property Services for commercial painting in Indianapolis, IN? For more than 25 years, businesses have relied on our painting expertise and quality workmanship—all at an incredibly competitive price. Best of all, we set up a maintenance plan to further protect your investment with every single commercial paint job we undertake. Call us today to learn more!