Four Tips for Industrial Painting in Indianapolis, IN

If you’re in the commercial building operations business, know that you’re much more than just a landlord. You have to deal with every day-to-day issue to ensure your tenants’ businesses are operating as they should and things are going as smoothly as possible. Regardless of how big or small the issue, you’re on the hook if something goes wrong with the building. When you get really busy dealing with day-to-day operations, some stuff tends to fall by the wayside. Sadly, industrial painting in Indianapolis, IN is often one of those things. Painting jobs are either not done when needed, or the jobs are rushed, and the end result looks terrible. Keep reading to learn a few tips about industrial painting:

  • Plan ahead: As mentioned above, many painting jobs are rushed or done at the last second. Typically, this leads to issues with the overall quality of the paint job, and it also throws off your budget for the year or quarter. Be sure to plan ahead when your building needs to be repainted or touched up. This will help ensure your facility looks great, and your budget won’t be out of whack!
  • Choose the best paint: One of the biggest costs associated with repainting a building is the paint itself. After all, you probably need a lot of paint to get the job done! While it may be tempting, you can’t just go with the cheapest paint at the store. It’ll save you money up front, but cheap paint won’t last as long. Using cheap paint means you’ll have to repaint your facility sooner than you would if you used high-quality, durable paint. In addition, cheaper paints probably won’t look as nice, so go with the better product.
  • Use mold resistant coating: Mold and mildew are some of the biggest threats to workers’ safety. As a building manager, you can help keep employees safe by applying mold and antimicrobial coating on top of the new layers of paint. These advanced coatings help reduce the risk of mold growth, and thus the health problems associated with mold and mildew. Speak to one of our professionals about these products to learn more!
  • Choose the right crew: After you’ve picked out the paint, you’re going to need to find a company to do the painting for you. Chances are, you’re too busy to do it all yourself! Make sure you hire a company with crews who know what they’re doing with painting equipment. You also want to be sure you pick a company that can complete a paint job in a timely manner; there’s no point in having a half-painted facility for weeks on end. Our crew at Knauss Property Services is trustworthy and you can count that the paint job will be done correctly and promptly.

Give Knauss Property Services a call today if your building is looking a little shoddy and you think it might be time to repaint it. We have several decades of experience with industrial painting in Indianapolis, IN and we guarantee we can tackle any job—regardless of your building’s size! Call 317-590-8750 to speak with the experienced team at Knauss Property Services today and schedule an appointment!