How Do I Repair Crumbling Masonry?

Crumbling masonry can be unsightly and even unsafe. If your home or business is suffering from masonry disrepair, you may need to invest in masonry restoration services in Indianapolis, IN.

If the repair that is required is minor, you may be able to attempt it yourself. Consider the following methods of masonry refurbishing to restore your bricks to their former beauty.


If the bricks are dirty, you can use a simple cleaning method to clear away the debris. Suck dirt off the bricks with a vacuum cleaner. Use soap and water for more stubborn, stuck-on dirt. A mixture of table salt and dish soap is a good cleaning solution to use for scrubbing dirty bricks. As you clean, keep the bricks moist. A garden hose or a spray bottle works well to saturate the brick surfaces as you work. Use a bristle brush to scrub away the grime.

Once you clean the bricks and remove all of the cleaning solution, apply a sealant to prevent future crumbling. A siloxane sealer is a common choice. Consult with your local masonry restoration service provider in Indianapolis, IN to confirm which sealant would be best for your masonry.

Stain removal

Is your masonry discolored from unattractive stains? You can remove these with acid cleaners. However, take proper precautions when using these harsh substances. Always wear goggles and safety gloves when handling an acid cleaner. Most should also be mixed with water for use, and be sure to wash away all the acid and allow the bricks to dry thoroughly when you’re finished removing the stain. Additionally, keep in mind that these acidic cleaners can damage structures if improperly used, so always follow the recommendations of a local masonry restoration service provider in Indianapolis, IN.


For crumbling masonry, repointing is a good method to restore the brick. To complete this process, start by chipping away old mortar with a hammer and chisel. Once the mortar is removed, use a garden hose or wire brush to clean the bricks of dirt. Let the bricks dry for 24 hours, then apply new mortar to the joints.


Sometimes, crumbling masonry requires the replacement of a few of the bricks. If your bricks are loose, it’s time to replace them. Remove any remaining mortar from around the loose bricks, then twist the brick out of the structure. Clear the cavity and the brick of any dirt. If the brick is in good shape, you can reuse it. Otherwise, consult with masonry restoration services in Indianapolis, IN to purchase replacement bricks.

Next, moisten the cavity and add wet mortar, then lay the brick in place. Remove any excess from around the brick and allow the mortar to dry. Be sure to seal any joints to waterproof the brickwork.

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