How Often Should I Repaint the Exterior of My Commercial Building?

The exterior of your business is as important, if not more so, than the interior for a few reasons. Keeping this in mind, you do need to upkeep the look of your building, and repainting the exterior is a great way to do just that. So, how often should you repaint the exterior of your business?

Signs Your Building’s Exterior Needs To Be Repainted

There is no real timetable for repainting the exterior of your commercial building; it really does depend mainly on how it looks. Some paint lasts for years, while others will need a touch-up after a few months. There are some signs you can look for that might point toward the need to repaint. The first is chipping paint. If large pieces of paint are missing from the exterior of your commercial building, if you can see the brick or old color showing, or there is obvious wear and tear or damage to the paint, repainting is a great option.

The exterior of your building will set the tone and really let people know what sort of business you run. If you notice that the paint has faded, for example, if you have a design or a logo painted on the side of the building, and it is fading, this could be another indicator that a freshen-up is needed. The last thing to consider is how long it has been since you last painted the building. If it has been a few years, it may be time to liven things up and repaint.

Benefits of Repainting Your Commercial Space

Repainting is a fantastic way to make your space look new and refreshed without having to spend a ton of time and money on remodeling. Repainting is also a great way to improve the look of your business without having to invest a ton of time on your space. You can get a whole new look in a matter of days without having to shut down and lose business.

Still another benefit is that you can totally change the look, feel and vibe of your business without spending a fortune. A fresh coat of paint can give new life to a space, cover up things like water damage, stains and other issues, and make your space look brand new without having to shut down and hire a ton of people to complete a time-consuming remodel.

Repainting is easy and improves the overall look of a commercial space. Repainting makes it look cleaner, tidier and even more put together, which can help bring in new customers by presenting a professional business environment. Everyone loves fresh paint, and a new coat of paint on your commercial building can make a huge difference and help give new life to your building.