How to Clean Buildings in an Environmentally-Friendly Manner

Keeping your building’s exterior clean can play a key role in the way your commercial property is perceived. However, doing so in an environmentally-friendly way is also a priority, and one of the best ways to ensure you are making a good first impression while cleaning your property safely is with eco-friendly building washing in Indianapolis, IN. Your local property service specialists are here to tell you more about the eco-friendly power washing process, and how it can benefit both your company and the environment:

Minimize consumption:
One of the most beneficial features of pressure washing is that it allows surfaces to be cleaned quickly and efficiently, reducing the consumption of both water and electricity. In fact, using a pressure washer instead of a garden hose can save up to 75 percent more water per task.

Reduce demand:
When cleaning is neglected over a long period of time, surfaces will eventually have to be restored and replaced due to extreme degradation. Routine cleaning will allow you to extend the life of the building materials so they don’t have to be replaced as quickly or frequently, minimizing the amount of waste contributed to local landfills. By preserving the condition of your property, you will also be placing less of a demand on the resources it takes to make new building materials.

Safe detergents:
Pressure washing in itself is so effective that for many jobs, water alone can be used to successfully clean a surface. When this is not the case, though, and a stronger solution is needed, eco-friendly pressure washing uses detergents that are safe and biodegradable, as opposed to the cleaners containing harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment that are used with standard pressure washing systems.

Save local watersheds:
In order to protect watersheds and ecosystems, many local municipalities have enacted stricter wastewater laws. An eco-friendly power washing company will have in-depth knowledge of these laws and will be able to secure any of the necessary permits while making sure all of the required steps are taken to capture any oils, dirt and other pollutants that may be present in the wastewater on your company’s behalf. Not only will this save time for you, but it will ensure that your business is in compliance at all times.

To upgrade the look of your building affordably and in an environmentally safe manner, contact us at Knauss Property Services, LLC. Whether you oversee an office complex or an industrial warehouse, years of grime, carbon and other forms of biological buildup can severely hamper the appearance of the property and prematurely deteriorate the building materials. Our combination of safe cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment can remove these contaminants and restore the look of your building, regardless of the type of material it was constructed with. To learn more about how you can refresh your property with our eco-friendly building washing services in Indianapolis, IN, give us a call to schedule your consultation today. We look forward to telling you more about what we can do for you.