How to Prepare Your Building for Pressure Washing

Regularly pressure washing the exterior of your building is the best way to ensure it looks nice and clean, while also preventing some structural issues from taking hold. Though a pressure washing service in Indianapolis, IN will take care of all the heavy-duty cleaning, there are some things you might want to tackle before they arrive. These are a few of the tasks you can complete to prepare your building for pressure washing:

Close doors and windows: First thing’s first, be sure to shut all of the doors and windows in your building. The last thing you want is a ton of water getting inside while we clean the exterior!
Protect plants and shrubs: Though we use an eco-friendly cleaner for pressure washing, that’s not the case for every pressure washing service in Indianapolis, IN. Some other companies use harsh cleaners that can negatively impact the plants outside of your building. Covering them up with a plastic tarp is the best way to ensure they’re not harmed.

Move furniture: If you have any outdoor chairs or tables on the property, be sure to move them away from the building. They’ll just get in the way, meaning the process will take longer than needed. Don’t worry—we’ll put all of your furniture back in its original position once we’re done washing your building.

Things to look for in a pressure washing company
There are plenty of companies in town that offer commercial building pressure washing in Indianapolis, IN, but don’t just choose the first name you find online! Here are a few qualities to look for in a reputable pressure washing service:

High-quality equipment: Not all cleaning equipment is created equal. Low-quality gear delivers low-quality cleaning results. So, be sure to hire a company that uses the latest and greatest gear on the market. At Knauss Property Services, LLC, we only use top-notch equipment to clean our customers’ buildings.

Eco-friendly cleaners: As mentioned above, not all cleaning companies use environmentally-friendly detergents to clean buildings. These non-eco-friendly cleaners can kill plants surrounding the building and may even be harmful to pets and other wildlife roaming around outside. Before working with a building cleaner, be sure to ask what types of cleaning products they use.

Proper techniques: Anyone can turn on a pressure washer and start hosing down a building. However, that won’t yield very good results! You need to hire a team of experts who know the best practices for cleaning off buildings. By choosing an experienced company like Knauss Property Services, LLC, you can rest easy knowing that the job will be done right.

Great prices: Finally, be sure that you’re not overpaying for building washing! Though we recommend calling a few different companies to get a few quotes for the service, we guarantee you won’t find a better deal than Knauss Property Services, LLC.

If your building is looking a little dingy, be sure to call Knauss Property Services, LLC for commercial building pressure washing in Indianapolis, IN. Regardless of the size of your building or the type of siding, we’ll restore it to like-new condition.