How to Tell if Your Building Needs Stucco Repair in Indianapolis, IN

Stucco is a fantastic siding option for any home or commercial building. It’s attractive, energy-efficient and can last a long time without needing to be replaced. However, it’s not impervious to damage. Bad weather, insufficient repairs and lack of maintenance can cause the stucco siding to fail, which leads to a host of problems both inside and outside of your building. Keep reading to learn the signs that your building needs stucco repair in Indianapolis, IN:

Cracks: Cracking in the material is one of the most obvious signs that your building needs stucco repair. Cracks can be caused by a variety of different things, including water damage or structural issues. Only a professional will know for sure what the root of the issue is. In any scenario, you’ll need to have someone fix those cracks before they start to get worse.

Crumbling: Your stucco siding may begin to crumble away in some situations. Crumbling could happen on its own due to old age, damage from a storm, impact or pest infestation. Be sure to call a professional to fix the crumbling area, as the material will only continue to degrade. Not only will this look bad, but it also makes your siding less effective.

Leaks: Cracks and crumbling outside can lead to leaks inside stucco buildings in Indianapolis, IN. If you notice a leak on a wall or your ceiling, check to make sure that it’s not a plumbing problem. Once that can be ruled out, call a professional to investigate your stucco. Chances are, there’s a fatal flaw in the siding that’s causing the leak.
Stains: As a building owner, your first thought might be to paint over any stained areas of stucco. Resist this urge! Stains are an indication of a more serious issue, like water damage underneath the stucco siding. Your best bet is to call a team of professionals and let them handle the stain.

Soft spots: Another sign of water damage under the siding is soft spots or indentations. Any soft spots in your siding need to be repaired as soon as possible, as the problem will only worsen, and your building’s structural integrity will start to decline.

My stucco is damaged—now what?
Damaged stucco buildings in Indianapolis, IN require professional help as soon as you notice an issue. One of our crew members at Knauss Property Services, LLC will come to take a look at your building and determine the source and severity of the damage. After that’s been identified, we’ll get to work fixing your stucco and restoring it to like-new condition. Whether it’s a small patch that needs repair or major sections of your siding that need replacement, you can count on us to get the job done.
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