Why Is Industrial Painting in Indianapolis, IN So Important?

The color and quality of paint are two of the first things most people notice when they see something that’s been painted. This is especially true when it comes to cars and homes, but what about industrial structures that the general public doesn’t see on a regular basis? Do those things need to be painted? Yes, they do! Even though employees of factories and public work areas are the only ones who see the paint job, industrial painting in Indianapolis, IN is extremely important:

  • Paint is an identifier: Color-coding machinery, piping and even whole areas of factories is beneficial to workers in a number of ways. Paint makes things easier to identify. Color-coding machinery allows workers to know what they’re looking at or dealing with as soon as they walk into a room or a certain area. Paint is necessary for wiring and piping. Anyone who’s ever worked in a plant knows that there are tons of different wires and pipe lines that each carry different things all over the place. Colored lines make it easier to identify where everything starts and ends, as well as what’s actually in those lines, especially if it’s something that could be dangerous (i.e. high voltage electricity, or a hot steam pipe).
  • Paint can be a warning: It should come to no surprise that factories are dangerous places. Workers at a plant need to be on their toes at all times. They need to know what they can and can’t touch or be near. One of the best ways to ensure workers aren’t touching dangerous parts or machinery is by painting them bright colors. Red, yellow and orange are a few of the best colors to paint dangerous parts. Those bright colors grab workers’ attention because they are commonly associated with danger.
  • Paint provides protection: Preventing rust and corrosion is very important in industrial facilities. Having to replace large and expensive machinery because it’s rusty or corroded is a waste of money, because it’s largely preventable. Applying a fresh coat of paint on a regular basis will ensure machinery runs smoothly and lasts longer. A corroded pipe is more likely to break or burst, which is obviously a huge problem at a busy factory. A simple coat of paint can do wonders to prevent a broken pipe and ensure business runs as usual.
  • Paint can provide directions: Most factories are huge places. The bigger the facility, the easier it is for employees to get lost or turned around—especially if it’s his or her first day! A lost employee is obviously going to negatively impact productivity. An easy way to ensure everyone makes it to their station on time is to paint some lines on the walls that guide everyone to the proper location.

It’s vital that a factory has all of the right paint in all of the right places. There are tons of different kinds of paints that serve different purposes, and only a company that specializes in industrial painting in Indianapolis, IN can help you pick the right one for the job. Give Knauss Property Services a call and let us paint your facility!