Is Epoxy Injection Right for Your Commercial Building Repairs?

If your project calendar includes commercial building restoration in Indianapolis, IN, it’s important to know which products and processes to use for this endeavor. One of the key aspects of this restoration is ensuring all foundation, basement and other concrete areas are strong and solid.

This typically requires the use of polyurethane or epoxy injection in Indianapolis, IN. Which is best for your commercial building? That depends on a few variables. Use the following quick overview of these products to decide which is the optimal solution for your project.


Is the building experiencing any leakage? When leaking is an issue, polyurethane is typically the preferred method of sealing. It is a fast-setting foam that performs well as a waterproofing agent. Due to its elasticity, it will remain effective if the building experiences slight movement in the future due to further settling.

A second advantage of polyurethane is that it begins to harden almost immediately. Within minutes, the material will remain stable inside the crack. This helps keep the material inside the repair, where it is needed, rather than leaking out of the crack.

The downside to polyurethane is that it adds virtually no compressive strength to the concrete. It will stop the leak, but it won’t add structural integrity to the building. This is where epoxy comes in.

Epoxy Injection in Indianapolis, IN

Epoxies offer incredible compressive strength, which is typically desirable for commercial locations. If you need to repair a structural crack, this is the best choice. The epoxy actually makes the repair area stronger than the concrete surrounding it. This makes it the product of choice any time the structural integrity of the concrete is a concern.
Epoxies are available in a variety of thicknesses, from paste-like to ultra-thin, to provide the suitable product for a full range of repair sizes. The wider the crack, the thicker the epoxy required.

The downside to these products is their slow cure time. Unlike the quick-setting polyurethane, epoxy usually takes hours to harden. This allows the material to flow into every tiny crevice, but it can also flow out of the repair area if it is not well contained.

Which is the best choice?

If you will be completing commercial building restoration in Indianapolis, IN, it’s essential to use the right product for your repairs. To decide between polyurethane and epoxy injection in Indianapolis, IN, keep the following basics in mind: if the concrete needs to be strong, use an epoxy; if you simply need to stop a leak, use a polyurethane.

Consult with the Pros

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