Is There a Difference Between Masonry Repair and Restoration?

The terms are similar, but are they the same? Masonry restoration contractors handle both repairs and restoration, but there are key differences in these tasks.

Let’s take a look at masonry restoration vs. repair to highlight these differences, so you can make an informed decision about the best process for your next project.

Masonry repair

  • How it’s done: Masonry repair involves replacing damaged portions of brick and stone. Masonry restoration contractors who must make repairs may also use caulking to repair cracks or use a sand-patching method or concrete fill to repair larger cracks.
  • How long it takes: The timeline for these projects varies depending on the extent of the damage. Minor repairs may be simple and quick, while more extensive damage may require a lengthy time frame. In general, masonry repairs typically require less time than masonry restoration.
  • How much it costs: Masonry repairs are usually more affordable than masonry restoration. If you are working with a smaller budget for your project, you may need to choose repairs instead of restoration.
  • Who can do it: Masonry repairs should always be completed by experienced masonry contractors. These experts have the equipment, training and skills to safely and efficiently complete the project and get it done right the first time.

Masonry restoration

  • How it’s done: Masonry restoration is a more involved process than repair. To restore masonry to period-appropriate condition, masonry restoration contractors remove the existing masonry and add new mortar. Once this repointing process is completed, the next step is to refinish the mortar. After that, the contractor will clean the mortar. The last step is to seal the new surface. This ensures the finish is protected to preserve the look and feel of the period.
  • How long it takes: Because the process is more involved, masonry restoration usually takes longer than masonry repairs. Masonry restoration contractors must pay careful attention to each detail of the project to ensure the restored portion matches surrounding materials. This level of precision takes time.
  • How much it costs: Restoration may be more costly than repairs, but it can be worth the investment. Restoration provides authentic finishes to match the construction period and preserves the historic look of the structure.
  • Who can do it: Not all masonry contractors are qualified to work as masonry restoration contractors. Look for masonry professionals who have experience on other structures from the same time period and who have worked with the materials that your project will require. Ask to see samples of their completed work, and request references from other satisfied clients. This research will reveal whether the contractor should be trusted with your restoration project.

Your local masonry experts

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