Keep Your Commercial Building Cool, Clean and Dry

You might think that your building isn’t as heavily impacted by the weather during the summer months as it is in the winter, but there are certain conditions that can occur year-round that can take a toll on the cleanliness, health and structural integrity of a building. While you probably consider water damage to be mainly caused by precipitation, humidity even on hot days is a very pressing concern when it comes to maintaining the health of your building. Excessive humidity can create a myriad of issues, including mold growth, condensation and water damage.

Since you can’t control the weather or the moisture content of the air, it’s important that, as a commercial building owner, you do whatever you can to keep your building safe, comfortable and structurally sound.

Addressing moisture problems

Understanding the needs of your building begins by performing an inspection to look for signs of excessive moisture. There are many different things that could be indicative of moisture damage, and these include roof leaks, obvious water damage on your walls and leaky windows. You should also keep your eye out for areas that might be contributing to moisture problems. For example, poorly sealed holes that house piping or wiring through exterior walls can allow moisture to enter the building and can contribute to moisture-related problems. Any signs of damaged caused by humidity or precipitation that you spot within your building should be addressed immediately. Ignoring the problem or delaying your response will only cause the problem to get worse.

Maintaining a clean building

Addressing the structural issues associated with excessive moisture in your building should be your priority, but keeping your building clean is another important consideration. Pressure washing in Indianapolis, IN can dramatically improve the appearance of your building, and it can also do wonders for the health and comfort of your property. There are several reasons why you might want to consider getting pressure washing done:

  • Improve the aesthetic of your business: A dingy exterior and a poorly maintained building can be off-putting; a clean business is simply more inviting to potential customers. Pressure washing your building keeps it looking its best and communicates to your customers that you value the appearance of your business.
  • Promote a healthy work environment: A dirty exterior fosters mold growth, mildew and the spread of bacteria. All of these can be potentially damaging to the health of your employees and of any other visitors you have in your building. Pressure washing can improve the condition of your building to make your business a more healthful environment.
  • Counteract the effects of moisture and water damage: Regularly investing in pressure washing in Indianapolis, IN can help mitigate some of the impacts that excessive moisture caused by humidity or precipitation can have on your business.

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