In Need of Masonry Restoration in Indianapolis, IN? Get to Know Your Materials

While we’ve all heard of masonry, not everyone knows what it actually is. It has something to do with building construction, right? Well, if a person’s line of work involves building with stone, or other similar materials that are available as individual units, they are often referred to as a mason—think of stone walls and brick chimneys being laid together with a strong binder, one piece at a time, to create a new structure. Other times, masonry services are sought out to help restore damaged structures.

Masonry, which has been around for a long, long time, takes special skills and technique, a keen eye and patience to complete a job without issue. Let’s take a look at a few common building materials used for making repairs during masonry restoration in Indianapolis, IN.


In the early days of masonry, stone was possibly the most popular material to use in the construction of all sorts of structures around the world. Depending on the size of stones required, this natural material was not too difficult to locate. Today, a mason or masonry company has access to various types, shapes, sizes and natural colors of stone to ensure that every project is customizable.

Well-built stone structures bring such lovely curb appeal, and not only is it durable, it’s also pest-proof, fireproof and staves off moisture. Although stone structures are low maintenance, a good power washing every so often will bring back their natural luster by removing debris buildup.


One of the first materials typically suggested for new construction is brick. For masons, laying brick is a fairly easy process that—when done right—can hold up for decades. Its advantages include being fire resistant, able to hold up in powerful winds and beneficial for moisture control. Additionally, brick is naturally energy efficient. For folks looking to purchase their next home, many are likely to make finding a home made of brick a consideration in their house hunting endeavors.


When it comes to building with concrete, you can bet that a project can be completed fast, while not losing quality or structural integrity. This is even more true when a professional mason is in charge. Concrete blocks are heavy, but a mold lets the builder create any size unit on site so solid blocks do not have to be transported. You can also place, bind together and then fill in concrete blocks to better insulate a building against invading outside elements, which can help you save on energy costs.


Stucco is a binding material used in masonry building projects that acts as a decorative element for ceilings and interior and exterior walls. As a coating, it’s durable and resistant to damage, while effectively covering less appealing visually building materials—like concrete, clay and cinder blocks. Applying stucco can be a messy job, but it’s nothing the pros can’t handle.

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