Prepare Your Commercial Building for Summer with Maintenance and Property Services in Indianapolis, IN

Winter weather can take a toll on the condition of a building, and it is likely that by the time spring rolls around, your company’s building will need a refresher. If you want to update the look of your building so that you can make a good impression on customers and employees alike, building maintenance in Indianapolis, IN may offer just the spring reset you need:

  • Building exterior: Extremely cold temperatures and elements such as wind and ice can wreak havoc on the exterior of your building during the winter months, and a thorough inspection should be conducted of the exterior of your entire property. Make sure to examine some of the more obvious areas, such as the roof and siding, but don’t forget to check in on some of the spots that might not get as much attention, like the fences and gutters. If any damage is found, repairs can be made right away to whip your building into shape in time for the summer.
  • Flooring: Winter conditions can also be particularly trying for the flooring of your building. All of the salt and chemicals that are used to break down ice are frequently brought inside with foot traffic, visibly weathering and wearing down the appearance of the carpeting. Now is a good time for a deep cleaning to rid carpets of all winter debris, and to have any touch-ups or repairs done to tiling or hardwood flooring that may be chipped or peeling. Cleaning, waxing and polishing all of your non-carpeted floors can give your building a brand-new appearance, which will only help to get customers coming through your doors.
  • HVAC system: As you transition from the heating system to the air conditioner, it will be important to make sure that your HVAC system is in good condition and is prepared for the warm days ahead. Scheduling preventative maintenance before revving your system up for the summer can ultimately help to save money, and avoid the potential discomfort customers might experience if your system breaks down due to lack of upkeep.
  • Interior painting: Updating the look of your building with a new coat of paint, a textured coating or lacquered finish can serve as just the refresh your building needs. One of the added incentives for painting during the summer is the natural, fresh ventilation that your building will enjoy with the windows and doors open after the job is completed.

Although proper building maintenance in Indianapolis, IN should be an ongoing project, the months following another long winter present the perfect opportunity to freshen up your property. For quality work and workmanship that you can rely on, contact the team at Knauss Property Services, LLC. Whether the entire exterior of your building needs a good power washing to get rid of winter’s remnants once and for all, or there is a leak on the interior that is driving up your water bill, we are the go-to team for property services in Indianapolis, IN. To make sure your building is ready for the summer, give us a call today to schedule your estimate.