Questions You Should Ask Your Sandblaster Before They Start on Your Project

Sandblasting is an industrial process that involves using pressurized air to propel a stream of abrasive material (such as metal, organic material, glass or plastic) onto a surface to either make a rough surface smooth, make a smooth surface rough or clear away any surface contaminants. Sandblasting usually produces an effect similar to using sandpaper on a surface, with the benefit of easily reaching corners and other nooks and crannies.

Before you hire a professional for sandblasting in Indianapolis, IN, there are several questions you should ask them to ensure the quality and safety of the work being done.

What are your safety precautions and procedures?

Sandblasting has the potential to be a dangerous task if proper safety measures are not taken. It’s easy to see how a process using abrasive media like tiny bits of organic material, metal or glass can be hazardous to the safety of those performing the work. It would be a good idea to get any company’s safety policies, because if they are taking good care of their employees, then it’s likely they’ll take good care of their equipment as well as your project site.

Which abrasive media are you going to use and why?

As mentioned above, there are a few different types of finely-ground materials (called media) that can be used for sandblasting, depending on the aim of the project. For this, you should do your own research and ask the technician their opinion and see if it lines up with what you’ve found. Regardless of what media they suggest, you should ask them for their reasoning, so you can ask follow-up questions to glean more information if their opinion differs from yours. Even though it’s called “sandblasting,” professionals should never use actual sand.

Can you guarantee the quality of your work?

Sandblasting is often a complicated and difficult process, with a lot of moving parts. For whatever reason, there could be a situation where you’re not satisfied with the work that was performed. It’s your prerogative as a potential customer to ask the professionals what would happen in such a scenario. See if they will guarantee the quality of their work to ensure you’re protected.

How do I know you’ll take care of my equipment?

Whatever you’re handing over to the sandblasting technicians in Indianapolis, IN, it’s likely something you value either monetarily or sentimentally. If not, you probably would have just thrown it out or replaced it. Because of the abrasive nature of sandblasting, you’d like to know the professionals will handle your items with care while they work on them. You don’t necessarily need to ask this question directly, as you can ask about the technicians’ experience, certifications and equipment. If you’re at their shop, you can even check out the condition of their equipment. If their equipment is well taken care of, then your objects likely would be too.

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