Quick Fixes to Limit Damage Until You Can Get Emergency Leak Repair in Indianapolis, IN

If you have a plumbing emergency in your home, every second counts as you attempt to make a quick fix. You can’t always wait for your emergency plumber to arrive to resolve the issue—you should focus on at least mitigating the damage as much as possible until a plumber can arrive.

Here are a few examples of some quick fixes you can employ in your home to limit leak damage until you can get a plumber out for emergency leak repair in Indianapolis, IN:

  • Use pipe clamps: Pipe clamps are used in a variety of applications and locations, and are a constant on aircraft carriers and submarines. If they’re good enough for the U.S. Navy, they’re good enough for your bathroom! These clamps should not be used as a permanent solution, but they will at least provide you with enough sturdiness and stability to contain the leak until a plumber can arrive to resolve the issue.
  • Epoxy: If you have cast iron pipes in your home, you can use various types of epoxy compounds to patch up the leak until you are able to replace the pipe. Usually replacing the pipe even before a leak forms is a good idea if the pipe is old enough, but this will always depend on your individual circumstances. If it’s an emergency situation, this method might fail you simply because it’s not as likely you’ll have an epoxy compound lying around the house as it is you’ll have pipe clamps, but it’s a good option for leaks you can place a bucket under while you head to the hardware store.
  • Pipe wraps: Also available at most hardware stores are pipe wraps, which you wrap around the pipes and keep in place, where they will harden and patch up the leak. Like epoxies, they must be applied in the right location on the pipe to be effective. They work anywhere on the pipe and with all pipe materials, whether you have a cracked pipe, a hole or any other type of damage causing a leak.
  • Rubber connectors: If you have pipe leaks in the middle of the pipe or at the joint, you can use rubber connectors or couplings to tighten up the area and put a stop to the leak. This is especially useful for stopping drainage materials, such as toilet water or used laundry water. These connectors might need to be cut with a utility knife or other item, so they’re not quite as easy to apply as the other suggestions listed so far.
  • Repair sleeves: If you have joint or pinhole leaks, repair sleeves are an ideal temporary solution. They work similarly to clamps and offer you a strong, reliable fix until you can get a plumber to come out and address the problem. Just don’t keep them in place for too long, or the problem could spread.

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