From Roofing to Caulking in Indianapolis, IN: How to Winterize Your Commercial Building

Like residential homes, commercial buildings also need to be prepped for the winter months. Prior to cold temperatures setting in, everything needs to be airtight, checked to be in good working order and problem areas taken care of. For commercial buildings, the biggest wintertime problem is water and moisture being able to get inside, or when water trapped in cracks freezes and expands, leading to a cracked and weakened structure. Luckily, year-round and wintertime preventative maintenance can save your brickwork and masonry from winter damage.

Regular seasonal building inspections can reveal issues that require roofing repairs or new caulking in Indianapolis, IN. Your best chance at avoiding costly repairs is to fix problems as they arise throughout the year, and prep now for the harshest part of the winter season!

Here are a few tips for winterizing and preparing your commercial building for cold temperatures.

Inspect the roof

Of all your building’s parts, the roof is the part that endures a great deal of exposure to the elements. In the summer, it’s the blazing hot sun, while in the winter, it takes a beating from wild storms and regular rain or snowfall. You should plan on a roof inspection in the fall and spring, but don’t hesitate to schedule an inspection anytime you feel the need.

Many areas get a lot of rain or snow during the winter months, so you’ll want to make sure your building’s roof is free of damage—like missing roofing materials, broken seams in the roof membrane and loose or missing flashing material. Debris like wet leaves and branches can weigh down a roof, while loose nails, glass and other sharp objects put roofing at risk for puncturing.

Check the facade

A quick scan of your building’s facade can reveal cracks, gouges and holes, but it’s best to hire a professional with the right eye to inspect it—especially if your building has multiple stories. They will look for missing stone or brick, loose mortar and unsecured windows, balconies, railings and more. It’s after a particularly heavy rain that you may want to inspect for areas that stay wet. This can point to cracks or deterioration in the facade that have allowed water to get inside building walls or the foundation.

Apply caulking

Caulking a building is not a one-time thing. In fact, it’s a maintenance task that, though simple to do, is regularly overlooked by building owners. Caulking a building is important—applying this material is key to keeping water from getting inside buildings, helping to prevent structural weakness and interior mold and mildew growth. The good news is that properly applied quality caulking materials can last 10 to 20 years, but checking it often ensures that any missing or deteriorated sections get replaced. Focus on spaces around windows and doors and wall joints.

Winterizing your commercial building can protect the structure from expensive seasonal damage and prevent unnecessary downtime for your business. Whether you need masonry restoration or caulking in Indianapolis, IN, call 317-590-8750 to speak with the experienced team at Knauss Property Services today and schedule an appointment!