Should You Choose Stucco or EIFS?

Stucco and EIFS (exterior insulation finishing system) are very similar building finishes from a visual standpoint, but they’re subtly different. Both offer excellent and seamless building coating, come in a multitude of styles and can work on virtually any building.

When choosing between stucco or EIFS in Indianapolis, IN, you should be aware the advantages and drawbacks of each finish type. Read on to learn more, then call Knauss Property Services, LLC to discuss your options.

What is stucco?

Stucco is a mixture of sand, cement and water that has been around in various incarnations since ancient times. When mixed and installed properly, it can be applied to just about any building surface, including brick, wood, cement and more. This usually takes several coats. After it dries, it becomes hard as a rock and stands up well to dents, dings and nicks.

If you live in a humid climate, stucco is an excellent choice, as it allows moisture to move in and out of the building freely, rather than building up and causing problems.

What is EIFS?

EIFS is sometimes known as “synthetic stucco,” and is basically a stucco-like synthetic coating that is applied on top of an insulation board. (Stucco does not require a vapor barrier or insulation board.) Instead of several coats of cement, the insulation board forms the base, a base coat of EFIS is applied to that and a finishing coat is applied on top.

EIFS includes a water-resistant barrier to cover the base plane, as well as a drainage system that helps keep moisture away from your structure. Often, the base coat is reinforced with glass fiber mesh, which helps the base coat adhere and provides additional strength. The finish coat is made of acrylic, which is crack and fade resistant.

EIFS tends to feel “softer” than stucco, which is why you sometimes have to press on a building’s side to be able to tell whether the finish is stucco or EIFS.

Making the choice between stucco and EIFS

Stucco is extremely durable and will allow moisture to leave the building, whereas EIFS can cause problems if moisture is trapped behind the exterior. However, EIFS is extremely energy efficient and offers better insulation than stucco. It’s also less likely to crack or fade over time.

Both materials are good for muffling sound and providing fire resistance, and they’re about the same in price. If you’re looking for very specific custom exteriors, or live in an extreme climate, EIFS’s features may be the superior choice—but both are excellent exteriors for commercial and industrial buildings.

If you need help determining whether your building exterior should be stucco or EIFS in Indianapolis, IN, call Knauss Property Services, LLC today. We offer EIFS and stucco installation, masonry repair, mobile sandblasting, painting, washing and more. Whatever your commercial building needs to look great from the outside, we can help. Call us today to learn more about our services and get an estimate for your commercial building. We look forward to hearing from you.

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