Should You Repair or Replace Masonry?

You know that the walkway, walls, porch or other masonry feature on your property is beginning to crack and crumble. It doesn’t look great, but it’s the kind of problem you can put on the back burner—or so you think.

The reality is that damaged masonry isn’t just an eyesore—it’s also a potential safety hazard that opens up your commercial property to litigation. And putting off masonry repair in Indianapolis, IN isn’t doing you any favors. The damage is likely to spread over time, resulting in even more expensive repairs being necessary.

If you’ve noticed damage to bricks or concrete blocks, it’s time to call a masonry contractor. They’ll help restore the masonry to its former glory and integrity. Read on to find out whether repair or replacement is necessary for your particular situation.

Water damage

Moisture is a leading cause of masonry problems. That’s because even a small crack can become a major issue quickly due to freeze-thaw cycles. Persistent exposure to water will result in weakening materials and could destroy the mortar, leading to instability.

Signs of a problem

It’s important to regularly check the masonry for water damage. One easy way to do this is to examine it several hours after a rainstorm—do you notice any dark patches showing that water has soaked the surface? If so, this is a problem that needs fixing. Usually this is due to improperly applied or deteriorating waterproofing.

Obvious signs include cracks or holes that allow water to enter. Subtler signs include uneven floors, cabinets or doors that no longer close and damage to plaster or drywall. Bringing in an expert in masonry to inspect the bricks and concrete blocks is a good idea if you spot any of these problems.

Repair or replace?

In some cases, especially if the damage is spotted early enough, it may be possible to use filling and sealing of cracks to alleviate small issues. However, when the bricks or concrete blocks are damaged to the extent that they can no longer bear loads properly, then you will have no choice but to invest in replacement. It is possible that a masonry contractor can find matching bricks or concrete blocks to retain the masonry’s aesthetic.

The bottom line is that it’s important to have a talented professional on your side for both masonry repair and masonry replacement in Indianapolis, IN. Knauss Property Services, LLC has provided excellent customer service to commercial locations for more than a quarter century. We work with a team of talented craftsmen who are able to complete any job, no matter how big or small.

Our variety of quality services includes masonry restoration, waterproofing, painting, sanding, stucco work, EIFS systems, emergency leak and repair, mobile sandblasting, dry ice blast cleaning and eco-friendly building washing. Our work is always completed on time, and our loyal customers have long been able to trust us with even the most-demanding projects. Call right now to learn more or to schedule a free estimate. We look forward to serving you!