Stucco Replacement vs. Stucco Repair in Indianapolis, IN

You’ve noticed a few cracks. Your stucco is starting to show signs of its age. Is it time to replace it? Can you salvage it with a few repairs? It’s often hard for homeowners to know if they should replace the stucco or choose stucco repair in Indianapolis, IN. Following are a few guidelines to use as you make this decision.

Repairing Requires Expertise

If you decide to try to repair your plaster or stucco, keep in mind that this is not an amateur’s task. This project isn’t always a good DIY endeavor. Plaster and stucco often cover up complex wall structures. Additionally, each wall is different. These factors make stucco repair in Indianapolis, IN very tricky. You can’t always apply a standard method each time. You must be familiar with the trade and possess the proper skills and tools to handle this challenging task.

Repairs Can Be Costly

It’s also important to note that improper repairs can cause damage that adds up quickly. If you’re going to attempt this task yourself, be careful how you approach it. It’s easy to damage something during your repairs, especially if you’re not experienced. Many homeowners end up causing more damage than they started with, which makes the project budget escalate.

Repairs Can Provide Savings

On the other hand, stucco repair in Indianapolis, IN can save you money. If done properly, repairs are more affordable than replacing the entire wall. Small cracks are reparable, and even large cracks or damage can be fixed under the right conditions. For professionals, these repairs are typically a cinch. Stress cracks due to fluctuating weather conditions or building settling are common. Completing these repairs is generally not a problem for stucco experts.

Replacement May Be Necessary

In some cases, repairs simply aren’t feasible. Is your wall crumbling away? The lath beneath the plaster or stucco may be rotten. If the damage is significantly more than a crack, you may need new plaster or stucco, as well as new lath. Each wall should be examined individually by a professional to determine the best solution for the damage.

Repair Options Are Available

If the thought of replacing all your stucco scares you, don’t worry. Many repair options are available that can help prevent replacement. For small cracks, experts in stucco repair in Indianapolis, IN can fill the wall in with a strong mesh fabric. This will expand and contract with the wall to prevent future cracks caused by temperature changes. Larger cracks often indicate that the plaster or stucco is pulling away from the lath. Professionals can use a plaster button to re-secure the plaster to the lath. From small cracks to major damage, it is often possible to salvage your surfacing with expert repairs.

Repairs AND Replacement

Whether you need a minor stucco repair in Indianapolis, IN or a major plaster replacement, you can count on the team at Knauss Property Services to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today to evaluate your stucco and provide the best solutions to make your surroundings sharp again.