How Do You Tell If Your Roof Is Leaking?

Dealing with a leaky roof is never a fun situation. However, in some cases, you may be able to detect an oncoming roof leak before it actually takes place or before it becomes too severe.

Learn how to identify a leaking roof or one that is in danger of leaking, and then read on to find out more about commercial waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN to help fix this problem should it arise.

It’s important to be on the lookout for signs of roof leaks. Here are four of the most common symptoms you’re likely to encounter:

  • Misshapen, broken or missing shingles: Issues with your roof’s shingles could indicate a problem with your roofing material, meaning that it will have a higher likelihood of leaking later down the road.
  • Blocked gutters: Because gutters are in place to ensure that water flows away from your building’s roof, if you see that rainwater has gathered in one location on your roof, a leak may soon develop.
  • Water spots on the ceiling: Water spots can sometimes be very noticeable, appearing in the form of a large stain surrounded by a brown outline and becoming more obvious after a bout of rain. However, water stains can also appear in corners or other harder-to-see areas, and the size of a water spot may not correlate to the severity of the leak.
  • An occasional drip: If you experience drips, but not very often, or only sometimes see moisture on the walls, it’s worth having a professional inspect the problem. That’s because it’s possible that the leak hasn’t truly gone away. These on-and-off leaks may be caused by ice dams that can develop as snow and ice freeze and then thaw.

Once you’ve realized your roof is leaking, you’ll want to contact a professional for commercial waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN. Waterproofing involves the layer-by-layer application of a membrane on your roof. The professional you hire may work with a variety of membrane types, including hot rubberized asphalt, synthetic rubber, liquid roofing materials or multi-ply bituminous built-up systems.

While you’re waiting for the professional to arrive, there are a few ways to minimize the leak:

  • First, identify the dampest spot or a protrusion in the leaky area, create a small hole in the center and place a bucket underneath to collect the water.
  • Then, try to find where the leak first developed, though this may occasionally be more difficult than it sounds.
  • Apply roofing cement or roofing tape to the affected area on the inside of your roof, or cover the roof’s exterior with a tarp that can fully fit over the origin of the leak.

It’s not easy to make decisions when you’re in crisis mode, so consider identifying a company that offers commercial waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN that will best fit your needs before you have to deal with a leaky roof. That way, if you do experience this damage, you can turn immediately to the company you’ve decided upon. Alternately, you could even arrange to have roof waterproofing performed before anything happens as a preventative measure.

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