The Benefits of a Freshly Painted Building

Do you own a commercial building? Maybe your building has needed a paint job for a while, but you keep putting it off. Painting is an easy way to update your building and attract new business. There are several advantages to hiring a commercial painting company.

Improves Traffic

Many customers are drawn to a clean and aesthetically appealing building. It’s much more likely that a potential customer will do business with a company with a nicer exterior, even if the service or product offered is the same.

Increases Property Value

A professional painting is a quick way to increase your property value. This added equity is extra financial backing that can allow you to make other improvements and upgrades to your building.

Reduces Advertising Costs

Another key advantage to having a commercial painting company is the ease at which you can advertise. Many paint companies provide free sign painting to market their services to nearby businesses. This can help reduce advertising costs, especially with other marketing efforts.

Happier Employees

Outdated and worn working facilities are a recipe for demotivated employees. When your workers come to a neat and clean building, they are more likely to be happier and enjoy working there. This can lead to lower employee turnover rates and increased productivity.

Keeps You Competitive

Let’s face it. Everyone is trying to get a leg up on the competition in the business world. Keeping your buildings up-to-date and clean helps you stay relevant and competitive, giving you the edge over other companies. You could have the greatest merchandise inside your building, but your customers will never see it if they don’t even walk in the door because your exterior is unappealing. By having a painting company update your building, you can draw in more business and remain competitive.

Commercial Painting Tips

Here are some tips to follow when you are getting ready to paint your commercial building.

  • Hire a professional instead of trying to DIY. A trained painter will know how to properly prep and paint your building, ensuring the job is done correctly.
  • Consider different paint types before deciding which is best for your building.
  • Talk to your painter about the different paint sheen options that are available. A sheen refers to how glossy or matte the final result will be.

If you’re looking for a commercial painting company, consider the above benefits when researching your options. With so many advantages, it’s an investment sure to pay off in the long run.