The Benefits of Pressure Washing a Commercial Building

Commercial buildings can benefit immensely from pressure washing or power washing. These buildings are exposed to the elements in every season of the year, which creates wear on exterior structures and can dull or diminish the features that make them stand out. Buildups like grime, dirt, leaves, pollen and sap cling to surfaces, slowly taking their toll over time.

Power washing or pressure washing will remove these buildups—as well as unsightly graffiti or defacement—to leave the building looking clean again. Not only will it make the façade look presentable, it can also prevent damage that would merit costly repairs later on. Here are some benefits of power washing as part of commercial building maintenance.

Improve the business’s curb appeal

Pressure washing a commercial building gives it the appearance that it’s well maintained and cared for, which can attract more business. The exterior of a commercial building has to be aesthetically pleasing, since this is ultimately what attracts customers and potential clients. Or, if you’re looking to sell, power washing can increase the purchase price of an office or property because people are willing to pay more for a building that looks presentable, rather than one that is in disrepair or unkempt.

Part of routine building upkeep

One of our biggest pressure washing tips is to make it part of your routine, because regularly cleaning your commercial building helps to maintain it. If the exterior of a commercial building isn’t pressure washed, the elements can cause damage to the structure and shorten its lifespan. Pressure washing a commercial building can help maintain the façade and prevent damage that might require more costly forms of maintenance or repair with more invasive processes and protracted timelines.

Reduce the need for future maintenance

Pressure washing a commercial building helps to protect against degradation, such as wear and tear from weathering, oxidation and water stains. Keeping the surface of a commercial building clean can be difficult because of time constraints or cost factors, such as renting equipment. Pressure washing makes it easier to take care of the exterior by quickly eliminating the detractors that lead to accumulations and the need for more invasive maintenance.

Protection against the elements

Pressure washing a commercial building can also help protect against mold, mildew and dirt that hide in cracks, nooks and crannies. The accumulation of various elements creates an environment for mold, mildew and algae growth to thrive on any surface, which then makes it more difficult to remove with traditional means. By pressure washing a commercial building, the mold and mildew can be removed before they have a chance to take root.

Maintain the business’s public perception

The exterior of a commercial building sets the tone for a business and can reflect on that business’s reputation, based on what people see. Pressure washing a commercial building gives off the impression that the business cares about their image, which in turn creates more trust and confidence among potential customers. This makes it easier for clients to do business and makes the business more successful.

Don’t neglect pressure washing

Pressure washing is an important part of routine building upkeep. Not only will it keep your exterior looking fresh, it can also prevent damage to the façade that would need costly repairs later on. It’s one way of reducing the cost of future maintenance and protecting against degradation like wear and tear from weathering or water stains.

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