Tips for Identifying and Handling Water Leaks

A commercial building is a significant investment that should be protected at all times. Water leaks are common issues that can affect a commercial building and lead to losses in the thousands of dollars. That said, property owners should be on the lookout for any leaking signs to ensure prompt repair. The following are tips for identifying and handling a leak in your commercial building.

Stained Ceilings

Topping the list of tips for identifying a leak in your building is stained ceilings. Black, brown, or green patches on your building’s ceilings signal potential water leaks. The stains can be of different shapes and sizes depending on the leak. Call a professional to inspect the issue and do the necessary repairs to stop the leak.

Visible Pools of Water

Visible water pools in different parts of your building indicate water leaks in your commercial establishment. In most cases, the water pools settle near the leaks. To handle the leaks, a commercial leak detection professional can check your plumbing system and repair any issues. Prompt repairs will get rid of the leaks.

Fungal Growth on Ceiling and Walls

Fungi, like mold and mildew, thrive well in damp areas, meaning the presence of fungal growth in your ceilings and walls is an indication of water leaks. A foul odor can accompany the growth. Removing the growth without solving the leaks will still result in more fungi. Have your building inspected and repaired for water leaks to permanently eliminate fungi growth and its nasty smell in your commercial building.

High Water Bills

In some instances, water leaks in your commercial building can be invisible. However, if you notice that your water bills are skyrocketing with no changes in consumption, the issue could be water leaks. Get a professional to inspect your plumbing systems and determine where the issue is. You will save money on water bills if you have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Visible Cracks

Leaks can cause significant damage to your foundation, walls, and ceilings. Sudden visible cracks on different parts of the structure could indicate a major leak in your commercial building. Since such cracks are not only detrimental to your building but also to the safety of your building’s occupants, it would help to call commercial building leak experts to diagnose the issue and apply necessary intervention.

Finding the Best Commercial Leak Detection Experts

Not all leak detection experts can do a good job. That said, you should look for reliable professionals. While hiring, be sure to select a professional with experience in handling commercial water leaks. The professional should also have insurance and be licensed to work in your area. Ask for referrals from family, friends, and other building owners.

Bottom Line

Look out for these signs to determine if your commercial building has leaks. Contact commercial leak detection experts if your building has at least one of the signs. The professionals will identify the exact cause of the leak and repair it.