Tips for Repainting Your Commercial Building

Everyone knows that first impressions are extremely important. What’s the first thing people notice when they approach your business or commercial property? While you probably put a lot of time and thought into designing the right logo and placing the perfect sign, the condition of the building itself is also important. Is the paint on the building cracked, peeling or faded? You might think that you can get away with it, but the reality is that customers and tenants will notice.

Rather than putting it off, it’s time to invest in commercial building repainting in Indianapolis, IN. Read on for some leading insight on why this is a great investment:

  • All the benefits: Whether you’re renting out a commercial property or running a business, the fact is that you rely on a steady flow of customers. An aging exterior is one guaranteed way to discourage people from coming back. A new coat of paint will also protect the building against Mother Nature, providing the first line of defense against the sun’s UV rays, moisture and wind. You want that line of defense to be the best it can be.
  • Choose the paint color: Now that you’ve decided to repaint the building, one decision you’ll want to carefully weigh is the paint color you plan to use. Your organization may have specific color requirements for the property. If not, you want to consider the branding of your business and which colors will suit it best. It’s also important to weigh how much maintenance is necessary, so if you can use low-maintenance darker colors, that might be the way to go.
  • Choose the paint type: Just like with so much else in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to paint quality. While you might save a few dollars upfront, investing in a high-performance commercial paint will pay off. It’s more visually appealing and will better protect the building. This also goes for doing it in-house versus hiring the job out to professionals—the investment in bringing in experts will pay off in the long run.
  • Consider sun fading: Summer’s here, and the sun’s rays will be beating down on your home for the next few months. Especially if the building gets sun exposure for most of the year, you’ll want to consider how this will impact how frequently you repaint and what kind of paint you use.

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