Tips for Repairing Water-Damaged Buildings

If your property has suffered water damage, you may be wondering how to even begin the process of commercial building repair in Indianapolis, IN. Getting immediate assistance for emergency leak repair in Indianapolis, IN is key to minimizing the damage and cleanup process. Whether it was a leak that caused the flooding, or the cause was a storm or other natural disaster, leaving water sitting in your commercial property can lead to mold and major structural issues if not addressed promptly. Follow these steps to clean up your property:


  • Assess the damage: Unless you’re standing in puddles of water on your property, you may not realize the extent of the damage. You can’t see all the potential moisture and damage just by looking at it. You’ll want to use a moisture meter to measure the moisture content in the materials on your property before proceeding with commercial building repair in Indianapolis, IN. This will help make sure you focus on cleaning the right areas and getting everything dry.
  • Determine the cleanliness of the water: There are several different types of water that can cause flooding and other water damage to your property, and it’s important to know which types you’re dealing with before beginning cleanup or emergency leak repair in Indianapolis, IN. Clean water results from leaky pipes, rain or humidity condensation, and you can safely clean it up yourself. Gray water is dirty water from dishwashers, washing machines, clean toilets or other appliances that may include some contaminants, but with proper disposal, shouldn’t present any health hazards. Black water, however, is sewage or major flooding from nearby rivers, which contains waste, bacteria and contaminants that can cause serious health problems. In this case, you should always contact professionals to clean up the water for you.
  • The drying process: Once you’ve figured out how you’ll handle the damage, it’s time to dry out the affected area. You can use wet vacuums to remove standing water and air movers and dehumidifiers to get rid of excess water, and use thermo-hygrometers to track room humidity, as well as moisture meters to measure the moisture content in your materials.
  • Assess damaged materials: Once the area is dry, you’ll want to repair any seriously damaged elements, such as your ceiling, siding, drywall and floors. Damaged wood will need to be replaced before it rots. A professional building repair company can also help handle your commercial building repair in Indianapolis, IN for serious structural problems caused by the flooding. You’ll also want to assess for mildew and mold damage and make sure you disinfect all remaining materials after any debris has been cleaned up.


Knauss Property Services, LLC is a commercial building repair contractor in Indianapolis, IN. We can handle your emergency leak repair in Indianapolis, IN as well as help you clean up after flooding and repair any structural issues left behind by the water damage. We can then help you to better waterproof your property, including installing caulking and sealants. For your water-damaged property, give us a call today and let us help you solve your problems.