Tips for Seasonal Building Preparation in Indianapolis, IN This Fall

An important part of owning a commercial building is making sure you go through the proper processes of seasonal building preparation, ensuring that you’re fully prepared for the conditions to come. This is especially important in the fall, as winter in the Midwest can truly strike at any time, and it’s best not to be caught off guard.

With this in mind, here are some tips for commercial building weather preparation in Indianapolis, IN for you to consider now that autumn has arrived:

HVAC inspections: Bring in an HVAC specialist to conduct a thorough examination of your entire HVAC system. Replace filters as needed, and identify and repair any broken parts that exist in the system. It may also be a good time to clean out your ducts to ensure you get the most efficient heating operations possible during the cold weather season.

Landscaping and outdoor tasks: If you have landscaping features on your property that you would like to protect now’s the time to check and make sure they’re prepared. Trim trees and shrubs, continue cutting the grass until it’s no longer growing for the season, clear away leaves, remove water from water features and check the exterior of your building for cracks, stains or leaks that you should address before the weather gets severe.

Lighting: Fall and winter mean rapidly decreasing daylight, so it’s important for you to consider the lighting you have on your property. Proper lighting increases safety in a couple key ways—it allows people to see any hazards, such as cracks or ice patches, and also helps you uphold a reasonable level of security on your premises to prevent would-be criminals from striking.

Roof inspection: Inspect and repair your roof before the winter hits, being sure to fasten any loose shingles and repair any damage you notice to flashing. Clean out your gutters and make sure they’re secured snugly to the soffit. You may also consider the underside of your roof—this is a great time to improve your insulation to decrease heating costs in your home and reduce the chance of formation of ice dams.

Inspect windows: Check all of your windows, both inside and out, making sure they’re properly sealed and in good condition. This will help you to prevent risks associated with excess moisture, such as mold.

Check your plumbing: Extreme cold during the winter months results in a heightened risk of freezing and bursting pipes. Repair any leaks that you find, and make sure you wrap or insulate pipes properly if you believe they’re in an area where freezing could potentially happen. Your internal thermostats should always be set to a bare minimum of 55 degrees to prevent your pipes from freezing.

These are just a few of the steps you should take to ensure your commercial building is prepared for winter. For more information about seasonal building preparation in Indianapolis, IN that could be of use to you, reach out to the experts at Knauss Property Services, LLC today.