Use Dry Ice for Building Washing in Indianapolis, IN

Dry ice isn’t just used in fog machines and for fun high school science experiments anymore. Nowadays dry ice can be used for building washing in Indianapolis, IN! At Knauss Property Services, we specialize in using dry ice to clean industrial, pharmaceutical and food grade facilities. Read on to find out everything you might need to know about dry ice and how it’s used in cleaning these types of properties.

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is just the solid form of carbon dioxide. It’s usually used for keeping food and other items cold or frozen because it’s such a cold material. Carbon dioxide doesn’t turn into a solid until the temperature hits -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Dry ice must be handled with caution, because it’s bound to give handlers frostbite if protection isn’t used.

What is dry ice used for?

Carbon dioxide’s unique ability to transition from a gas to a solid (dry ice) and back to a gas without going through a liquid stage gives dry ice plenty of applications:

  • For food storage: As mentioned above, dry ice is perfect for keeping food cold for a long period of time when other options (like keeping food in a freezer) aren’t available. It’s also used at food packaging plants to flash freeze food.
  • For fun: Dry ice can be used in fog machines. If you’ve ever seen “smoke” pouring out of a witch’s cauldron at a Halloween party, it was probably just a block of dry ice! It’s also great for keeping drinks nice and cold during a hot day because it melts much slower than traditional ice cubes.
  • For killing bugs: Pests, like mosquitos are naturally attracted to the vapor (carbon dioxide gas) emitted from dry ice. Once they fly over to the block of dry ice, they freeze and die. It’s a much cheaper alternative to installing a bug zapper.
  • For cleaning: Finally, dry ice is great for building washing in Indianapolis, IN. It’s a great alternative to sand blasting, power washing or using industrial solvents to clean an area.

Dry ice can be used for a variety of other purposes on your commercial property. Ask the experts for more information.

How does dry ice cleaning work?

Dry ice cleaning works almost the same way as a power washer or sandblaster. Small pellets of dry ice are applied to an area with an air compressor. Once the freezing cold pellets make contact with a surface, they immediately disinfect an area.

What can dry ice clean?

Dry ice is great for cleaning up oil, dirt, ink, paint, adhesives and grease stains inside a facility. It can also easily clean asphalt and tar outside.

Why use dry ice?

Dry ice is great to use in industrial facilities that need to be cleaned quickly and easily. Food and pharmaceutical facilities need to be cleaned often, and usually accumulate grit and grime pretty quickly. However, there isn’t a whole lot of time to clean the surfaces. Dry ice is great because it immediately disinfects a zone and the gas evaporates quickly, so there’s nothing to wipe up (unlike using water or sandblasting).

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