Waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN Is a Must for Your Commercial Building

Your Commercial Building has a roof, walls and windows, which all contribute to the general structure of the building. Although it does have many other features and components, it’s the above mention three areas that, when properly waterproofed, are the keys to keeping water from getting inside your Facility. You will benefit from hiring a contractor to come inspect the materials used in these areas so that your workplace is protected from water in vulnerable spots.

The best way to protect your building from water and moisture damage is to build a new building with the right materials and waterproofing features. Owners of older properties can perform the necessary updates as soon as they discover an area that has the potential to take on or be infiltrated by rainwater.

If your commercial facility could benefit from waterproofing in Central Indiana, then the following information is for you. Here’s how to protect your building from costly and inconvenient water damage.

Your roof

Whether you know it or not, your roof is made up of several layers, not just the exterior layer you can identify as roofing. Roofing membranes only help to keep rainwater out at the exposed surface, while it’s the roofing underlayment that protects the roof from water damage. This layer is installed underneath the membrane. The roofing underlayment is the last line of defense against the kind of damage that water infiltration can bring. But even though this layer is required by law, it can fail if inefficient waterproofing materials are used.

Your windows

When a window is installed in your business, a hole a little bigger than the size of the window gets cut into the wall. Because of the room left in between the window frame, the metal support and the wall, the installer needs to insulate and seal it shut. Without proper sealing and flashing, water can get in through window frame gaps. Unfortunately, ownership may not notice this issue until it is too late and their business has sustained water damage.

The outer walls

A facade is not complete without walls all around to keep the elements out. Walls and exterior cladding look simple, but they are actually rather complex, and have several layers of materials underneath. For the rain to stay outside, the wall and its internal layers, including the insulation materials, need to be right for the application and installed properly. Another thing to note is that while most older facilities  were build to withstand harsh weather, today’s weather protection is more innovative to tightly seal outer walls. This also improves energy efficiency, meaning you can also see savings on your monthly bills.

Water damage can bring about all sorts of issues, from soiled carpets and ruined furniture to indoor mold growth. The key to ensuring the safety of your facility or business from water damage is to hire a company that specializes in waterproofing in the greater Indianapolis area. Call 317-590-8750 to speak with the experienced team at Knauss Property Services today and schedule an appointment!