What Are Some Effective Methods of Waterproofing a Building in Indianapolis, IN?

Water is the silent bane of every property owner’s existence—it can seem to seep in anywhere at any time, and causes problems ranging from ice damage to flooding to mold. The best way to address water damage is to never allow it to start by taking advantage commercial waterproofing services in Indianapolis, IN. Good waterproofing practices ensure that you can fight off water at the source and keep your property in great shape for years to come thanks to a dry and stable foundation.

Our professional team knows how to manage properties that are resistant to all sorts of water damage, but there are some things that all property owners should be aware of ahead of time.

What areas are vulnerable to water damage?

One of the worst parts about water damage is that it can occur virtually anywhere in a structure thanks to the limitless number of ways that a structure can encounter water. The foundation of a property is likely the place in a structure that’s most susceptible to water. Since it is at ground level, it is right in the pathway of both the minor and major flooding that can occur after heavy rains or other types of water overflows. Water can seep in where the structure meets the foundation, for example, causing extensive damage if it is not addressed promptly and properly.

Commercial waterproofing services in Indianapolis, IN are experts at finding these vulnerable areas and addressing their weak spots to make sure that your home or business stays dry.

Foundation waterproofing is key

One way that foundations encounter moisture is through seepage—water simply works its way from the soil into the foundation that it abuts. This can lead to dampness in the basement (including that trademark musty smell), as well as mold, which carries a number of risks to humans and animals if inhaled. Some ways to address this are drains in the basement or even the construction of deep wells at construction sites where engineers can anticipate that water will be a problem due to their location.
Another way that commercial waterproofing services in Indianapolis, IN can address leaking is through the patching of cracks between wall layers using injection grouting. Grouts are materials that can be used to fill voids in construction and come in many different types, ranging from polymer to fiber-reinforced and more. A good waterproofing company will be able to walk you through what’s best for your situation.

Waterproofing in bathrooms

Bathrooms are another type of space that’s susceptible to waterproofing issues, thanks to the high volume of water that they encounter. Using materials like water seal tape, waterproof grout and waterproof coating can all go a long way toward stopping water from seeping into areas where it shouldn’t be. Water getting into your walls is a great way to develop a mold problem, which is far more expensive than tactical waterproofing by experienced pros.

Our team at Knauss Property Services, LLC has been in the business for years, and we know the risks that come along with poor waterproofing practices. We can help walk you through the many ways that you can keep your structure dry and free of moisture problems for years to come. For more information about our commercial waterproofing services in Indianapolis, IN, contact us today.