What Do You Do When Sealant Joints Fail on Your Building Envelope?

Your commercial building is one of the most critical parts of your overall business. Ensuring that it remains in good working condition is crucial to your continued success. Of course, caring for a building in its entirety is no easy feat. You have to keep an eye on the HVAC system, the roof, the property surrounding the building and so much more.

With all those chores stacked on your plate, it can be easy to overlook one crucial aspect of your building’s infrastructure: the envelope. This part of your building requires routine caulking in Indianapolis, IN to remain in good condition.

What is the building envelope?

Those people outside the contracting industry may not be familiar with the term “building envelope.” Traditionally, the building envelope is what distinguishes the inside from the outside of your building. It includes the walls, roof, foundation, siding, doors, windows and anything else that stands on the dividing line between your building’s interior and the world outside.

After construction, the elements outside your front door conspire to wear down on the seams that connect the different parts of your building envelope. Fortunately, a professional with the knowledge to identify those seams and repair them with caulking in Indianapolis, IN can come to your building’s rescue.

What happens when building envelopes fail?

When the seams between the different elements of your building envelope begin to fail, a number of issues can arise, including:

  • Moisture penetration: One of the worst things that can happen to your building is the infiltration of moisture. When moisture is allowed to seep in, it can lead to mold and mildew growth. Mold can invite pests, exacerbate illness and eventually degrade the overall structure of your building.
  • Heating irregularity: When the material that connects your building envelope begins to wear away, it can allow cold or hot air into your building unimpeded. This could have an extraordinary impact on your heating and cooling costs from month to month.
  • Diminished aesthetics: As your building’s envelope begins to diminish more noticeably, it will have an impact on the overall appearance of your structure. This could eventually lower your property value.

In short, the more your building’s envelope is allowed to fail, the more likely it will impact your business. If you rent to a company, the degradation of your commercial establishment could cause them to leave (or at least complain). If your business owns the building, a dilapidated appearance could dissuade potential customers from doing business with you.

Get help with your building envelope

If your commercial building is in need of caulking in Indianapolis, IN, then there’s only one team you can trust: Knauss Property Services, LLC. We have nearly 30 years of experience offering a comprehensive selection of building services. Besides caulking, we can also provide washing, painting, dry ice blasting, sandblasting, stucco repair and restoration and more.

Your commercial building deserves top-notch care, and Knauss Property Services, LLC can provide it. Give us a call today to learn more or schedule an appointment.