What Exactly Does Building Maintenance Cover?

The idea of building maintenance is a vast and expansive topic, and there are many components of building maintenance to consider. For starters, there are different types of buildings that require maintenance, and there are specific aspects within the required maintenance for each type. Then there are different types of maintenance that need to be performed, and each has specific aspects for each different type of building.

Your slice of the building maintenance world may not require knowledge of the full spectrum of building maintenance. Still, it’s good to know what building maintenance covers.

Here’s a primer on the full scope of building maintenance.

Different types of maintenance

Let’s begin with the different types of building maintenance. The three main types of building maintenance are predictive maintenance, preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance. All of these maintenance types include aspects for both the exterior and interior of the building.

Predictive maintenance includes maintenance that can be planned for. This includes things like painting, cleaning, seasonal landscaping and regular inspections of a component’s condition. This has the goal of avoiding unexpected maintenance issues that could lead to excessive downtime.

Preventative maintenance is different than predictive maintenance. While predictive maintenance is more, well, predictable, preventative maintenance still has an aspect of uncertainty to it. This involves checking in on different aspects of the building to see what needs to be done to prevent major issues. Both this and predictive maintenance include routine maintenance and inspections.

Corrective maintenance is what you want to avoid. That’s because it is not only inconvenient to you and anyone in the building, but it can also be dangerous in some instances. It can also be quite costly to fix something right away versus keeping everything working smoothly and being able to plan for major repairs.

Corrective maintenance involves fixing things that are broken or that need attention right away. While predictive and preventative maintenance can go a long way toward keeping everything running smoothly within a building, there are bound to be some unexpected and unavoidable corrective maintenance issues that will come up, so it’s a good idea to be prepared to deal with the unexpected.

Maintenance for specific building types

There are different types of maintenance, and each type of maintenance may be applied differently for different types of buildings. For example, commercial and residential properties have different requirements and different needs, while government and medical facilities have a whole other set of issues to watch out for. Historic buildings are an entirely different animal as well, and this type of building may have specific things to watch out for that you wouldn’t normally have to think about.

It pays to hire a professional

All buildings, regardless of type, will require aspects from all types of building maintenance to keep them in top shape. Whether you need specific components of maintenance or the full scope of building maintenance, it’s important to work with experienced professionals in the building maintenance world. For the best service and expertly trained technicians in Indianapolis, IN, contact the professionals at Knauss Property Services, LLC. today.