What To Do When Your Office Windows Start Leaking

When rain is in the forecast, leaky windows are the last thing you need. Leaking or cracked windows can be one of those chores you put off until it becomes a huge problem. You might find yourself only thinking about your leaking windows while it is raining and then forgetting about them once the sun comes out again. Enough procrastinating. It is time to fix your office’s leaking or cracked windows. This guide will give you info on what to do when you discover office windows are leaking. 

Long Term Consequences

When windows are leaking and cracked, it can cause long-term damage to the surrounding wood and structure. When water is allowed to enter over long periods, you might face warped wood, peeling paint and plaster, mold, mildew and rotting insulation. These problems will cost much more to repair in the long run. This is why it is a good idea to deal with your leaking or cracked windows quickly.

Why Do Windows Leak?

If there is a crack in a window, then it is pretty obvious why water is getting in, but what about windows that do not appear to be cracked, and yet water is still coming in? If you notice windows leak when it rains, you need to get down to the bottom of the mystery quickly.

In some cases, windows leak simply because they are old. Windows will need to be updated over time. Not only will updating windows stop leaks, but it can also help to use energy more efficiently. Older windows do not retain heat as well as newer, energy-efficient windows.

This may be caused by the building settling over time, seals cracking, or damage that isn’t obvious. This will leave gaps where water can easily seep in.

Another reason could be poor design. If roofs were designed with a lack of overhangs for water to drain off, the water will run directly down the sides of the house and into the window sills. If fascia boards are improperly designed or installed, this can also cause leaking windows.

Poor installation is another culprit and will cause leaks.

How To Prevent Leaking Windows

To prevent leaking windows, you should make sure that the windows are properly maintained and that the rest of the structure is properly maintained as well.

If windows are already leaking, you might want to consider having windows replaced. Replacing windows will improve the value of the structure and will prevent worse problems from developing.

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