When Is the Best Time for Commercial Painting in Indianapolis, IN?

Fall brings thoughts of landscaping cleanup and prepping for colder temperatures. Spring is associated with interior cleaning and purging storage areas of unwanted items. When is the best time for commercial painting in Indianapolis, IN? Is there an ideal season for this project?

Ultimately, it depends. Are you planning interior or exterior painting? Will you have any tenant change-overs? These considerations determine the best time for commercial painting in Indianapolis, IN. If you are deciding on a painting project, consider the following factors.

Winter Benefits

If the interior of your property could use some sprucing up, winter is a great time to schedule commercial painting in Indianapolis, IN. Paint cures better during this season. Summer’s humid air and high temperatures make it harder for paint to dry and cure properly.

A fresh coat of paint in the winter can also help boost morale. The lack of daylight and the cold temperatures can sap energy and bring moods low. Fresh surroundings could be exactly what your commercial space needs to infuse employees with new motivation and create an attractive space for customers.

Winter is also typically a slower time for painting contractors. Because they are not swamped with exterior projects, they are more likely to be available for a quicker turn-around time for your interior project.

Keep in mind, even if you need to wait until spring to complete your painting project, winter is still a great time to start the process. Begin planning, budgeting and scheduling your painting in the winter so you can have everything lined up for your spring painting project.

Spring Benefits

Spring is a good time to schedule your exterior commercial painting in Indianapolis, IN. The temperatures haven’t risen too high yet, and your building could probably use some freshening up after the long, hard winter.

The temperatures are also warm enough to allow for exterior painting. This project should not be done in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter may offer a few warm spells during which an exterior project can be scheduled, but a quick cold snap can ruin the paint job. For best long-term results, exterior paint jobs are typically not scheduled in the winter.

For interior projects, warmer spring temperatures may allow you to open windows and doors while the project is in progress. While new products have greatly reduced paint odors, some still prefer to have the option of fresh air during the painting process.

Off-Season Benefits

When you need commercial or industrial painting in Indianapolis, IN, it’s important to consider your busy season. For most businesses, it’s best to complete a painting project during their slowest season. This will allow for minimal operational interruptions. If winter is slower for your organization (as it is for many companies), then this is probably the best time for your painting project.

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